3 Common Weatherization Mistakes to Avoid

With the weather rapidly getting colder here in New Jersey, you’re probably thinking of ways to stay warm. That means you should probably pull out the winter coats and down comforters, but what else can you do to be more cozy at home throughout the entire season?

Come winter, many homeowners make simple blunders that can have serious repercussions. Don’t be one of them. Here are three common weatherization mistakes to avoid:

1. Relying on Your Windows

If you recently had your windows replaced, you may think that these new, energy-efficient models will block the cold. While they are undoubtedly better than older windows, they actually don’t keep out the cold as well as you might think. Regardless of if you have new or old windows, be sure to seal and caulk around them to cover any gaps or seams. You can also use window coverings to help keep out some of the cold.

These measures, however, will be virtually useless unless your home is properly insulated and air sealed throughout. Having a home energy assessment performed can help you uncover what exactly you can do to keep out the cold right now and stay cool in the summer.

2. Not Cleaning Your Roof & Gutters

Gutter cleaning companies are usually fully booked throughout the fall and you might not be feeling up to clearing your roof and gutters yourself, but it’s extremely important to get it done before any snow begins to fall. A roof and gutters full of leaves will wreak havoc once the snow begins to melt. Avoid damaging your home and causing moisture issues by making sure you take care of clearing the leaves from your gutters and roof.

3. Not Scheduling Heating Maintenance

It may seem logical to think that since your furnace or boiler worked all throughout the previous winter, it will continue working well this year. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance, your heating unit can quickly cause problems. Prevent emergency breakdowns, inefficient heating, indoor air quality issues, and high heating costs by scheduling a tune-up before winter hits. 

Allied Has Your Home Weatherization Solution

Avoid making mistakes and be sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Allied Energy Efficiency Experts can identify insulation and air sealing deficiencies in your home, in addition to helping maintain your heating unit. We will help you stay warm, comfortable and cozy this winter.

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