5 Heating Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For this Winter

When it comes to the best way to heat your Cherry Hill, NJ area home and save on energy bills, there are as many theories as there are people to ask. Don’t fall for these heating myths and stay warm this winter while saving on your heating bills:

Myth #1: A fireplace or space heater can help you save on your heating bills.

Yes, a fireplace is cozy to sit next to and lovely to look at, but in fact, it will not help you reduce your energy costs.Once you’ve got your fire started, it needs oxygen to burn, so it will draw air in from your house and send most of the heat right up your chimney. A sealed insert will waste less energy, but may not provide the homey ambiance you were hoping for. 

In addition, a space heater uses an excessive amount of power just to heat a small space, so it can easily drive up your home’s heating bills.

Myth #2: Turning up the heat warms a room more quickly.

Have you ever come home to a cold house and cranked up the thermostat by about ten degrees? You may think this will heat things up quickly, but all it really does is bring your home to a higher temperature than it needs to be. The result is wasted fuel and energy—and higher bills.

Myth #3: Programmable thermostats do all your thinking for you.

A programmable thermostat can help create energy efficiency—if used correctly. You must make sure you’ve entered times and temperatures that make sense for your lifestyle. Don’t assume that because the heat is lower at night you’re saving money. If you don’t have it set just right, you may find yourself cranking and lowering the heat manually anyway. However, new smart learning thermostats can make a difference.

Myth #4: Ceiling fans are only useful during the summer.

Don’t ignore your ceiling fans in winter. Fans are a low-cost way to help heat and cool your home all year. The reverse switch on your fan or button on your fan’s remote will make the blades go in the opposite direction to help your heating system do its job. Rather than pushing air down toward you as it would in summer when running forward, or counterclockwise, the fan, when reversed, turns clockwise, and pulls air upward. This forces the warm air that has naturally risen to the ceiling back down to your level for greater comfort.

Myth #5: New windows will lower your heating bills.

New windows will run you thousands of dollars, and unless you’ve done everything else to stop drafts and contain your conditioned air, they may not even make a difference in your comfort level, let alone your heating bills. Most homeowners find that insulation and air sealing are much more valuable investments in the long run.

A Foolproof Strategy for a Warm, Cozy Home

When it comes to heating your home this winter, avoid the myths and listen to the experts.  Allied’s trained professionals will conduct a home energy assessment to provide insight into exactly how your home consumes energy, then help you explore possible solutions to find the best fit for you and your budget. An energy efficient home is guaranteed to lower your heating and cooling costs while creating a far more comfortable home environment for you.

Find your way to true energy savings and comfort. Contact us or call (856) 528-2822 to schedule your energy assessment today.

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