5 Things you NEED to do before purchasing a new water heater

Before making any big purchase you should put time and effort into making that decision. Your water heater is no different. If picked correctly your equipment will supply you and your family with up to 12 years of hot water! Therefore, here are 5 things you MUST do before purchasing a new one.

  1. Do research into which water heater best fits your needs. In today’s market, there are a variety of water heaters to fit different needs. Read about your option here, so you have an idea as to what you will be in need of!
  2. Water heater installation is no easy task, that is why you need to find the right installer beforehand. Having the system properly installed will help ensure a maximum lifespan of your system while keeping the stress of the installation out of your mind.
  3. Find out about possible rebates and incentives from either manufacturers or The State of New Jersey’s energy-efficiency programs and initiatives.
  4. Get an energy assessment conducted on your home to find out how else you can save money and energy.
  5. Contact Allied Experts to handle all of this for you. Our professionals specialize in maximizing efficiency, comfort, and durability while minimizing costs and worries. Our step by step approach to whole-home solutions allows us to create a custom plan to allow your family to live the safest, most comfortable lifestyle, without a major break in their daily life thanks to our one day project.

Ready to find out how it is not just your water heater? Contact us!