A Smart Thermostat is a Smart Investment

It’s amazing what today’s smart technologies can do to make our lives easier. You’ve probably seen television ads where people interact with home technology like it’s a family member. It seems that soon we’ll all depend on these electronic beings for everything from home security to recipes, keeping up with friends and picking out our clothes for the day.

While technology is making lives easier, it’s also helping people save money and increasing the comfort of their homes. Smart thermostats, when professionally installed and used correctly, can give homeowners complete control over their heating and cooling systems, for ultra-efficient energy usage and energy bills that reflect chosen lifestyles rather than out-of-control fuel costs.

Are You Satisfied with the Comfort of Your Home?

If you take home comfort for granted, then your HVAC system and thermostat are probably up-to-date. But if it’s a daily struggle to heat or cool your home for complete comfort no matter which room you’re in, it may be time to look into improving or replacing your heating and cooling units.

An upgrade to your heating system this winter, while requiring an initial investment, will soon pay for itself through efficient fuel usage and energy savings. Allied Energy Efficiency Experts are not only skilled in installing new units but also in helping to determine which unit is the most appropriate for your home. With a great number of models available, the professionals at Allied can help you choose the right size furnace, boiler or air conditioner, and the one that will fit your lifestyle and budget, too.

Pair Your Updated HVAC System with a Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat to go with your new system will give you total control over your home comfort. With the ecobee thermostat, you gain the ultimate in-home energy control, no matter where you are—at home, at work or traveling—by having the ability to use a phone app to check on things or make adjustments. But even if you don’t make changes, the ecobee is smart enough to make them for you:

  • Monitors Cold or Hot Spots

Place a room sensor thermostat in any room to ensure your living areas stay at consistently comfortable temperatures for you and your family. ecobee reads a room’s temperature to detect if anyone is using it and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

  • Includes Amazon Alexa Voice Service

ecobee4 comes with Amazon Alexa built-in, so you can make requests from across the room for complete hands-free control. And just like those families you see on TV, you can ask for recipes, play music and create a shopping list just by asking.

  • Covers for You When You’re Away

Adjust comfort settings and volume when you’re not home using a phone app. And, if you create a vacation “event,” you’ll be notified automatically of any service reminders or if anything goes wrong with your equipment.

Give Yourself the Gift of Comfort

The holidays are over, but you can still give yourself and your family the gift of a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. Allied can help you wrap yourself in warmth (or cool comfort in summer) with an HVAC system upgrade and the luxury of a smart thermostat. Our whole-home approach will ensure your new system is the right fit, and that your investments make the most positive impact.

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