All The Reasons You Should Get An HVAC Maintenance Contract

Whether you are in Holmdel or Cherry Hill, if you haven’t scheduled any maintenance on your HVAC system, then you should. Your HVAC system needs to be maintained for many of the same reasons you maintain your car. 

Why Is Maintenance So Important? 

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC system up and running all season long. This will help prevent any surprise breakdowns while operating your system at its best efficiency. The average homeowner rarely sees or has to deal with their HVAC equipment, so it’s easy to forget about it and therefore it gets neglected. Imagine doing the same thing with your car. If you wait to service your car until the check-engine light comes on, you will probably experience some problems. The same theory applies to your HVAC system.

No matter what brand of equipment or system you have, it all needs to be periodically checked and tuned-up. Keeping a semi-annual maintenance plan on your air conditioning and heating systems will help reduce the number of incidences of your equipment breaking down.

Having worked for an HVAC company for many years, I’ve seen hundreds of customer’s equipment breakdown during the most inconvenient times. There is nothing worse than having no heat in the Brutal South Jersey wintertime and no air conditioning in the New Jersey summer heat.

Benefits of HVAC System Maintenance

Is the cost of maintenance really worth it? You should know that some benefits of regular maintenance are immediate while others prevent future problems from developing. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower Energy Bills – Take a look at your energy bill. Is it higher than normal? You may assume since your equipment is heating or cooling your home without any problems that everything is fine. However, you may be consuming more energy because your equipment is not running at its full efficiency.
  • Fewer Future Repairs – By having your systems checked, this could prevent future problems and costly repairs later. It’s also important to maintain your equipment properly if you have a parts warranty. If your parts are all gunked up or worn out because of poor maintenance, the manufacturer may not honor your parts warranty.
  • Prep for Summer and Winter Season – Many homeowners react to problems when they happen. This can escalate repair costs. Emergency repairs are usually more expensive and if you are in the middle of winter or summer, you may also have to wait an extended period of time to even get an appointment. Being proactive with your HVAC equipment makes perfect sense to nip problems in the bud before they occur.
  • Keep Equipment Safe – Did you know a faulty heater can endanger your family? For instance, if the furnace develops a crack in the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide gas can escape and poison the air you breathe. Also, AC systems can develop a short circuit, which is a fire hazard if ignored. Your family’s safety is yet another reason to schedule HVAC system maintenance at least two times a year.

Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

In between your spring and fall maintenance visits you can help maintain your equipment with these easy steps:

  • Check your HVAC air filter every 30 days for build-up.
  • Remove debris from around the outdoor unit.
  • Make sure you have an area of clearance around your indoor equipment as well.
  • Hose down the outdoor unit when dirt and debris accumulate, but make sure any stickers or information remain on the unit – you may need this information in the future. 

Maintenance You Should Leave to a Professional

  • Checking Your Thermostat – The technician makes sure the thermostat is calibrated correctly to ensure comfort in every season. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, the technician may recommend one and can usually install it for you at your maintenance visit. A programmable thermostat will make your life a little easier, as well as help, cut down on your energy bills. Let your professional know if you would like a programmable thermostat before your appointment.   
  • Lubricate Equipment and Parts – A lack of lubrication causes high amounts of friction in your system. This can cause it to overheat and break down. Adding lubrication helps parts move smoothly against one another, decreasing energy use and lowering your energy bills.
  • Check Condensate Drain – Cooling equipment and condensing furnaces produce condensation when they operate. Under normal conditions, the condensation collects in a pan and drains away to the outside. However, over time dirt, debris, and algae can form in the drain pipe and create a blockage. During times of high usage, the pipe may clog and the drain pan can overflow and cause water damage to your equipment and your home. A technician checks the condensate drain to make sure it’s draining properly and cleans it out if necessary.
  • Check System Controls – The technician checks the controls and wiring to make sure everything is operating safely and properly. This is important in order to help prevent unwanted Carbon Monoxide leaks and fires from faulty wires.
  • Changing Your Filters – Your HVAC filters are an important line of defense to maintain healthy indoor air quality and the efficiency of your equipment. They should be changed and checked on a regular basis. Your maintenance check-up should include checking your filter and changing it, if necessary.

Keeping your systems maintained offers a multitude of advantages. Investing in a semi-annual maintenance plan will be an investment that will pay for itself over time.

At Allied Experts we have several maintenance plans you can choose from to give you peace of mind regarding your HVAC system. Give Allied Experts a call to find which plan is right for you. We help families keep their home healthy, comfortable, and safe. (856) 528-2822

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