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Who is Allied Experts?

Allied Experts is the largest home performance company in New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing quality heating, cooling, plumbing, and weatherization services. Our mission is to provide homeowners with the proper solution to improve health, safety, comfort and efficiency in your home. We strive to make homes the best they can be from increasing the efficiency to the comfortability and making it a sanctuary for you and your family. We can’t wait to see how we can make your home better for you. Call Allied Experts today and get started.

What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®?

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) Program offers “whole-home” solutions to increase the comfort, safety and durability of your home. These certified products are not only energy efficient, they can save you hundreds of dollars and can provide you with the newest and most advanced products available to consumers.

What is BPI?

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a national resource for building science technology that sets standards for assessing and improving the energy performance of homes. All contractors participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program are BPI GoldStar contractors, which means they utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to test the home and identify necessary energy efficiency improvements. Allied Experts is BPI certified! 

What is a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment?

The assessment is the first step to making your home, energy efficient and a healthier place to live. 

Things that may be done during your home assessment.

  • Measurements of your home will be taken
  • Identifying the type and amount of insulation you have in your attic 
  • Locating penetration points that can cause temperature differences in your home
  • Investigate for health concerns
    • Mold
    • Abestostos
    • Vermiculite
    • Check inside and outside your home for gas leaks
  • Making sure your equipment is running properly and is not a danger to you and your family
  • Coming up with a game plan to make your home energy efficient and a safe haven for your family

What is a blower door test?

The blower door test is a diagnostic tool used to measure the airtightness of your home. A powerful fan is mounted in a temporary airtight frame of an exterior door. During a depressurization test, the fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the interior pressure and pulling air in from the outside through unsealed cracks and openings. It will diagnose where your home is losing heat, such as electrical outlets, windows and various other places.  With the home under pressure, the technician can determine the leakage rate of your home and compare it to the industry standard. Typically older homes will have high leakage rates.

Does a programmable thermostat help you save energy?

Programmable thermostats can save you up to 5% in monthly energy saving, allow you to pre-set your preferences and also let you control your thermostat when you are not home. These programmable thermostats work with your equipment to run when it is needed and to dial back when it’s not. For example: if no one is home or you’re asleep at night you should dial back the thermostat so you’re reducing the usage. 

What is meant by correctly sized furnace and air conditioning equipment and why is it important?

 Installing the right size equipment for your home is essential to getting the best performance for your heating and cooling equipment and maintaining the comfort you deserve. Some believe that bigger is better when buying new equipment, but a system actually operates best when each component is properly sized to your home. Oversized equipment may cycle on and off more frequently, which can make the home less comfortable and shorten the equipment’s life. Allied Experts will make sure everything is sized properly so you don’t waste energy and you’re comfortable in your home.

What is natural draft and why can it be dangerous in your home?

A natural draft water heater or furnace uses natural pressures in the home to ventilate gases up and out of the flue pipe. In order for this to work there needs to be a large gap to allow the pressures to push the gases up and out. This is also it’s major flaw; this gap combined with the high likelihood of negative pressure (ventilation fans, exhaust fans and more) occurring in the home allows those gases (carbon monoxide) to enter and become trapped in the home.This is also known a backdrafting, which can be a major health and safety concern. All units installed by Allied Experts are direct vented, which means that the equipment is completely sealed at the source with PVC pipe, instead of a metal flue and it is directly vented outside. Installed properly, there is no possible way these gases can come back into your home. They are also equipped with a power vented fan that forces any gas that could possibly backdraft in the flue and flush outside.

How do you get started? 

Before you get started, you need to call a professional and get an Energy Assessment on your home. We can’t tell you what would be the best solution for your home if we don’t know how your home works and performs first. Our certified auditors will do an assessument on your home and submit the information to the state. You will then receive your home’s performance report. This will give you specific results about your home, including how much energy you can save, the type and size of equipment and amount of insulation that is needed specifically for your home. We specialize in all aspects of home performance. 

Call 856-528-2822 to schedule your assessment today!

Who handles all the paperwork and applications?

At Allied Experts our home performance experts will provide you with a plan to make your home more energy efficient and healthier.  Our team will also take the stress out of applying for permits from your township,  state rebates and financing, whether you’re a PSE&G or NJNG customer.

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In the U.S., 50% of all Heating and Cooling systems installed are sized incorrectly.

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