The Allied Advocate Referral Program

A program that pays to be a good neighbor, friend and family member

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  • Our referral app, “Allied Experts” is designed to allow you, as a customer to become an Allied Advocate when you refer Allied Experts to your friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Our Allied Advocates receive a $25 bonus for every new customer referral sent our way that completes both an Energy Assessment and an Assessment Results Visit.
  • There is an additional $125 bonus if that new customer referral installs a Home Performance with Energy Star project with Allied Experts.

As our advocate, there are no limits on the referrals you can provide or the bonuses you can generate.

How do you get started?

  1. Open the app store or click the referral link sent to you to download (If searching on the app store, it is the top result when you search “Allied Experts”)
  2. Once downloaded and opened, tap the menu button in the top left corner, select no sales rep, and input your information!

Payments include referrals given for:

  • Energy Assessments
  • Home Performance Projects
  • Maintenance Membership Plans

All specifications are subject to change without notice, Terms and Conditions apply. Contact us for further details

Now you’re ready to start giving referrals!

All you have to do is hit add referral and it will bring you to a form to input your referrals information, and it even gives you the option of importing a contact for convenience! If you want to share the link with your friends to download, tap the menu button click share and share your custom link any way you want!

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