Case Study: Marguerite Kellner – Turnersville, NJ

Revitalizing Marguerite’s Home

In 2016, Marguerite bought her 1968-built ranch-style home, knowing its outdated insulation and HVAC systems were due for an upgrade. Comprising 1400 square feet of living space, 1200 square feet of basement, three bedrooms, and a bathroom, the home was in dire need of modern enhancements.

Upon hearing about the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, Marguerite reached out to Allied Experts, a certified contractor, for a complimentary energy evaluation. She was grappling with comfort issues in her den and bathroom and yearned to transform her home’s energy efficiency.

Mark A., our expert building analyst, meticulously examined her home. The analysis revealed significant air leakage, with her heating and cooling escaping the house due to insufficient attic insulation. The aging HVAC systems also contributed to the lack of energy efficiency.

Harnessing advanced engineering software, Mark calculated how much Marguerite could save with modern energy-efficient equipment, proper insulation, and air sealing. The promising estimation was a substantial 32% energy saving.

Marguerite was then introduced to the comprehensive results of the energy audit. She learned about the steps necessary to enhance her home, and how the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program could help alleviate the expenses associated with these upgrades. This initiative empowers homeowners to save on energy bills while improving the comfort of their homes and offers rebates and incentives for these positive changes.


Total cost of project


Energy Savings


Total Rebates

Project Overview and Execution

To qualify for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, Marguerite needed to upgrade her home according to the state’s proposed measures:

Furnace: Upgrade to a 96% energy-efficient gas furnace, reducing BTUs from 80,000 to 55,000.
Air Conditioner: Replace the Seer 13 model with a Seer 16, 2-ton air conditioner, and cut down BTUs from 30,000 to 24,000.
Water Heater: Switch to an Energy Star-rated, gas-powered vent, 40-gallon water heater.
Insulation: Boost the R-Value from 11 to 49 with 13 inches of blown fiberglass.
Air Sealing: Incorporate fire blocking foam sealant and a 2 in Polyiso Attic Hatch.

Upon agreement, the state would facilitate a $4,000 rebate and a low-interest loan at 0.99% for the remaining $13,000.

Project Timeline

The journey began on April 13, 2021, with the first energy assessment. Allied Experts swiftly secured engineering results, township permits, and customer-specific funding and rebate, all within a two-week window, leading up to the installation date of April 29. Our weatherization and HVAC professionals efficiently completed the entire project within a day.

The chart below shows the customer’s 2021 and 2022 Gas usage. Note that after she had Allied Experts air-sealed and insulted her attic and added new HVAC equipment in April 2021, her usage went down significantly.

South Jersey Gas Usage His

Allied is the Leading

Home Performance With Enery Star

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