Case Study: New HVAC in Egg Harbor Township


Pierce Shaud, residing at 1245 Old Zion Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, undertook a significant HVAC upgrade project through Allied Experts. This case study explores the journey from initial challenges to the successful completion and impact of the project.

Initial Situation and Challenge

HVAC Needs Before Funding

  • Old System Issues: The central air system, about 17-18 years old, had been malfunctioning for the last few summers, running constantly, leading to excessive electricity usage, even with our solar panels.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Frequent recharges and attempted repairs failed to address the issues, with a persistent leak at the compressor joint.
  • Performance and Efficiency: The system could not cool the house adequately, leading to constant running and causing the coil to freeze. We would have to turn the system off for a day to let it defrost, making us uncomfortable and causing exuberant energy costs.
  • Temporary fix: We bubble-gummed and duct-taped the system for as long as possible due to the system replacement cost. 

The decision to upgrade and Seek Funding

  • Peer Recommendation: A coworker’s positive experience with Allied Experts and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program prompted Pierce to look into the program and the financing options offered through South Jersey Gas. When Pierce heard they could get up to $5000 in rebates and 0% interest on the loan, they decided to get a free energy assessment of their home to determine if they qualified for the program.
  • Additional Needs: Since the program included not only all new HVAC equipment but also air sealing and insulation, Pierce determined that the age of the house and the need for attic insulation, and a new water heater added to the urgency. Pierce’s house is 50 years old, and he had already gotten an estimate to re-insulate the attic, which I knew was also desperately needed. 
  • All new energy-efficient equipment: The thought of all new, energy-efficient equipment and insulation under those or similar terms was a no-brainer, so he discussed it with my wife, got Allied’s number from my coworker, and called that day. Mark, an Allied Expert Building Analyst, came out and did our assessment, and he was wonderful.
  • The Assessment: He explained everything he was doing, was extremely thorough, answered all of our questions, and took the time to make sure I understood everything that would take place if approved. After meeting with him, I knew Allied was definitely a top-notch company and didn’t even consider contacting anyone else. We were eager to move forward with Allied.

Process and Overturning Decision

Funding Acquisition

  • Role of Allied Experts: Samantha from Allied swiftly resolved a funding issue, leading to approval without client intervention.

Implementation and Solutions

Project Execution

  • Efficient Implementation: The project was quickly implemented post-approval, with installation scheduled within a week.
  • Installation Challenges: Weather conditions and vent pipe placement were concerns, but the crews adapted without issue. The fact that the team could make a last-minute decision to reroute the vent pipe went off without a hitch.
  • Allied Team Support: Allied’s team was communicative and educational throughout, ensuring a smooth process.
  • Big Success: The biggest success is the quality of the crew members and staff of Allied. From Samantha to Mark to the installers, everyone was super and made our project a success.
  • Allied Support Team: The Allied team was always there from the initial phone call to our recent maintenance visit. They answered all our questions and taught us how to use the new system; Sam was always super responsive to my emails or questions. We couldn’t possibly have had any more support than we got, and we always recommend Allied to our friends and family.

Outcome and Impact

Immediate and Long-Term Effects

  • Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency: The new system and insulation immediately improved heating efficiency and comfort. The house heated up much quicker than usual and held the heat in much better. The heater ran so much less than normal, and the house was noticeably more comfortable. Even though we didn’t need a new heater when we were trying to replace our A/C side of the system, once the new system was installed, we noticed within a few hours how much we needed a new heating system. 
  • Cost Savings: Substantial reductions in electric and natural gas bills were noted, with significant savings in all seasons. In the winters prior, our gas bill would run $225-$275 a month on average. Our gas bill last month, not including our project monthly payment, was approximately $84 in usage and delivery charges. We are definitely saving a huge amount of money in all seasons thanks to updated equipment and proper insulation of our home. 
  • Overall Home Improvement: The project was deemed the best home improvement they ever did, by Pierce, enhancing comfort, efficiency, and home value.

Recommendations for Others

  • Pierce advocates pursuing similar projects and emphasizes securing funding for such beneficial upgrades.I would recommend anyone to pursue this project no matter what they must do or who they have to argue with to get funding approved. It’s literally the best thing we’ve ever done to our home.”

Customer Experience and Feedback

Satisfaction with Allied Experts

  • Overall Experience: working with Allied Experts was wonderful. We couldn’t be happier with them and with our new system. From assessment to installation to follow-up maintenance, Allied Experts and its staff are the best. Everyone has been so nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Allied to anyone and everyone, and we have already done so multiple times.
  • Key Aspects: The expertise, accessibility, and helpfulness of the Allied staff were instrumental in the project’s success. “I would say the most important aspect is your people; your staff has been beyond helpful throughout your projects. Their knowledge and easy accessibility are truly exemplary.”

Feedback for Improvement

  • Current Process Satisfaction: Pierce found the process seamless and had no suggestions for improvement, indicating high satisfaction.

Referring Friends and Family

Reasons for Recommendations

  • Pierce has already referred several family members and friends to Allied Experts. Two of them have already completed their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. I referred several people to Allied due to the smooth process, significant utility bill savings, value addition to the home, and overall satisfaction with the outcome. 
  • Allied Experts referral program: Allied Experts offers a great referral program that allows customers who refer our company compensation for their referrals.
  • Why refer Allied Experts: It is a no-brainer for anyone who needs or wants to upgrade their HVAC, hot water system, and insulation. The process is easy, quick, and smooth, and the savings on our utility bills are tremendous. With the added bonus of 0% financing on your gas or electric bill and the opportunity for even bigger savings via the discount/grant/refund off the total price of your project based on your projected savings, it is well worth applying ASAP.


Pierce Shaud’s experience with Allied Experts for the HVAC upgrade at 1245 Old Zion Road showcases a successful collaboration resulting in significant home improvement, cost savings, and client satisfaction. The case underlines the importance of quality service, efficient implementation, and the impact of modern, energy-efficient systems on home comfort and expenses. In conclusion, Pierce stated,” You can upgrade your home, add value to it instantly, save money, be comfortable all the time, and have peace of mind that your home is up to date without fear of expensive repairs or breakdowns. I can’t express enough how highly we recommend Allied Experts and their Home Performance program!!!”

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