Hillsborough Homeowner Saves BIG with HVAC Upgrade

Living in NJ can be expensive, so many residents are looking for ways to cut costs in their homes. Peter LaRuffa and his wife are examples of those homeowners. They lived in an 18-year-old ranch style home in Somerset County. 

One day while speaking with a friend from Bordentown, he learned that his friend utilized the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program with a company called “Allied Experts”. His friend explained how the program worked and how Allied did an assessment on his home to determine where he was losing energy. He also explained the financial benefits of the program. He told LaRuffa he should look into the program for his home. 

Knowing his HVAC equipment was 18 years old and that his utility bills were high, La Ruffa realized it may be time to look into replacing his old heating and cooling equipment for a newer more energy-efficient system. 

Upon his friend’s recommendation, LaRuffa called Allied Experts and requested a home assessment to see if he qualified for the same program. 

“Allied came out and did the assessment on my home,” said LaRuffa. “They looked at my HVAC equipment, checked my insulation and did various other tests to see where I was losing energy.” 

La Ruffa said the Allied expert, explained the program as well as the incentives and rebates he would be entitled to through the state of New Jersey. LaRuffa was pleasantly surprised when he found out that the program included a water heater and insulation and air sealing for the same price he would have paid for just a new Air Conditioner and Furnace. 

Two weeks later, he was notified that his home qualified and implementing the program could provide him up to  27.75 % in energy savings.  As a result he started the program process with Allied Experts immediately.

“Allied makes the process so easy,” LaRuffa said. “They got me rebates from the state and no interest funding for my loan. They do it all.” LaRuffa goes on to state how impressed he was with the Allied Experts team. 

“They came into my home like a well oiled machine. Two trucks pulled up with two crews and immediately went to work on my HVAC equipment and my attic insulation.” 

Peters Attic Before his Home Performance Project

Peters Attic After His Home Performance Project

Mr. LaRuffa went on to explain that the team not only did a great job, but his wife chimed in saying that Allied paid close attention to making sure they made sure to put tarps down while working and cleaned up properly after they were done.

When asked if he was happy with the project, LaRuffa responded  “They did an excellent job, and I couldn’t believe it could be done in one day, but amazingly they did.” He went on to say, “When I received my first utility bill, I immediately noticed that my gas bill was at least 20 percent lower.”

When I received my first utility bill, I immediately noticed that my gas bill was at least 20 percent lower.

Peter LaRuffa

La Ruffa was asked about the value of the program and he responded “This was just an unbelievable opportunity to get a whole new energy-efficient HVAC unit and a tremendous insulation job … and it ended up costing me next to nothing with the rebates and no-interest financing”

How much did Peter love his Home Performance project with Allied Experts? “I would be more than happy to recommend Allied Experts,” said LaRuffa, “and if you need anyone to call me as a reference, I will be happy to do that for you.” 

LaRuffa has since moved to a new home in Barnegat, and before he moved he called Allied Experts and told us he wanted a home assessment on his new home. In February of 2020, Allied Experts completed the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program for Peter and his wife in their new home.

Mr. LaRuffas old AC unit in his new home

Mr. LaRuffas new energy-efficient AC unit in his new home

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