Case Study: Kevin and Tara Kamp in Lawrence Township, NJ

Resolving Ice Damming and Temperature Issues with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR air sealing and insulation upgrades.

Kevin and Tara, a couple residing in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, discovered an insulation problem in their attic when they noticed severe ice damming and long icicles hanging from their roof. Being a physics teacher, Kevin quickly deduced that the cause of the ice damming was heat escaping from his attic and melting the snow on their roof. They became aware of our HVAC/Home Performance Company when they noticed our trucks in their neighborhood. Intrigued, they looked more into what Allied Experts did and learned more about the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program offered to homeowners in New Jersey. Through this program, They took advantage of the rebates and incentives provided by PSE&G to have their attic air sealed and insulated, improving their home’s energy efficiency and solving their ice damming problem.

What is Ice Damming:

Ice damming occurs when water from melting snow runs down the surface of a roof and re-freezes. The melted snow is caused by warm air in the attic space that heats the underside of a roof. As the melted snow makes its way down the roof, it eventually comes in contact with the deck over the eaves, which is not exposed to heat from the attic. This is where the ice generally begins to form. As the water re-freezes, ice builds up and blocks the subsequent run-off, creating a “dam.” Some of the pooled water then finds its way under shingles, which are designed to shed water, not handle pooled water. It then re-freezes, lifting the shingles from the roof deck and giving the water an opportunity to enter.

The Assessment:

Upon contacting our company,  Allied Experts, an authorized PSE&G contractor for the program, Allied sent out Mark A., a senior Building analyst, to conduct a free energy assessment on Kenvin and Tar’a home. The assessment revealed that their home qualified for the program due to the lack of insulation and proper air sealing in their attic. They were then eligible for rebates and attractive no-interest financing. Making these upgrade more affordable, considering they had just welcomed a new baby. During the assessment and results process, Kevin was very impressed with the building analyst and the information he provided on how to make improvements to his home to make it more energy efficient and safe. In fact, he was so satisfied that he referred his mother-in-law to our company and requested Mark do her energy assessment.

The Project Implementation:

Having qualified for the program, Kevin and Tara proceeded with the suggested upgrades of air sealing and adding the proper amount of insulation. The weatherization team of Allie Experts did the work. The couple expressed their delight with the team’s professionalism and the smooth execution of the project, which was finished in one day. Despite Kevin being meticulous, he couldn’t recall any issues during the work, suggesting a seamless process. This also reinforced his confidence in the effectiveness of the upgrades.

Following the Completion of the Project:

Kevin noted that he didn’t expect his utility bill to decrease because they now had a new baby and had to increase the home’s temperature. Kevin stated, “We used to keep the house cold, but that stopped when the baby came.” He was delighted that when he got his utility bill after the upgrades and the increased temperature in his home, his bill had not gone up and may have even decreased. 

Future Benefits:

The couple is very pleased with the overall outcome of the project. Kevin believes that the added insulation and air sealing will provide long-term benefits, significantly mitigating the ice damming issues during the harsher New Jersey winters. Although he admitted that he would miss the beautiful icicles, he emphasized that the well-being of his home was ultimately more important.


The case of Kevin and Tara exemplifies how Allied Experts successfully addressed the customer’s insulation and temperature-related concerns. Through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, they benefited from rebates ad incentives while improving their home’s energy efficiency, safety, and overall comfort. The collaboration with Allied Experts and their experienced Building Analyst ensured a smooth and satisfactory project, leaving the couple confident in the effectiveness of the upgrades in years to come.

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