New Air Conditioner & Attic Insulation

Kathy and Timothy’s air conditioner was leaking refrigerant and not performing well in their Voorhees, New Jersey home. By law, they could only have the system recharged three times. Eventually, the central air system was unable to keep the home comfortable, and the second floor was much warmer than the first floor. The AC system needed to be replaced, and the couple wanted to get to the root cause of their comfort issues.

The Problem: Uncomfortable Home & Leaky AC

After researching Allied Experts, Kathy and Timothy decided to hire them to replace the air conditioner and to insulate the attic. They were glad that Allied is a qualified contractor for the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program, allowing the project to qualify for rebates and financing with a 0% interest rate.

Their research also revealed that Allied had completed many similar projects and received high customer ratings. This gave them the confidence to proceed with the project, knowing it was a smart financial investment.

The Solution: New Air Conditioner & High-Performance Insulation

“We went with Allied and they were really great!,” explains Kathy.”They were in and out extremely quickly and were very professional and polite. The installation could not have gone better.”

Kathy and Timothy were surprised and delighted that the project could be completed in one day. They didn’t think this was possible.

The Result: Greater Comfort, Lower Energy Bills

Kathy and Timothy have been very satisfied with the results of the project and the associated energy savings. Their energy bills have dropped by a third after the work was performed. Their home is now more comfortable and there isn’t a big temperature difference between the upper and lower floors.

“The results of the project are very good in terms of comfort and energy savings,” explains Kathy. “We are beyond satisfied with the results.”

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In the U.S., 50% of all Heating and Cooling systems installed are sized incorrectly.

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