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Terms and Conditions

Allied Experts Comfort Club Maintenance Plan

  1. Customer agrees to promptly notify Allied Experts of any unusual operating conditions of the subject equipment.  Said Customer further agrees to promptly notify Allied Experts of any malfunction or suspected malfunction in the equipment and to report the same promptly to Allied Experts at its office.  The Customer understands that Allied Experts can be reached 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  
  1. 24/7 Emergency Service is defined as:

24 Hours – the homeowner will be contacted by phone within 24 hours of the initial call for service.

Same Day – a Service Tech will be on site for a diagnostic visit within 24 hours of the initial call for service.

An Emergency is defined by a water, fire/electrical, no heat with an outside temperature below 30°.

  1. Purchase of this Membership Agreement does not guarantee that the covered equipment will not fail.
  1. Customer agrees not to move or relocate equipment from the location covered under this agreement without written consent of Allied Experts.  Allied Experts may cancel this entire agreement or refuse to service equipment that has been moved or relocated.
  1. If the equipment requires the use of water, either re-circulated or otherwise, the water thus used may be or may become contaminated or cause mold or corrosion that cannot be predicted in advance.  Allied Experts hereby assumes no liabilities for either the quality or condition of the water or for any damage it may cause to the subject equipment.  Customer understands that this agreement does not cover the replacement or repair of any part of the subject equipment which is caused by water contamination, corrosion, mold or any other  cause attributed to the use of water by the equipment, whether as ordinary wear and use or otherwise.
  1. Any changes, adjustments or repairs made to the subject equipment by others, unless authorized or approved by Allied Experts, in writing, shall terminate its obligation hereunder.
  1. This agreement covers only reasonable and ordinary use of the equipment in question.  Any repair or replacement that is caused either by the customer’s failure to use reasonableness in the operation of the equipment or the failure by the customer to report any malfunction or suspected malfunction in the equipment is not included in this agreement and shall be paid for by the customer in accordance with Allied Experts normal rate schedule.
  1. This agreement applies to the equipment enumerated on the Membership Agreement and not to fixtures in which they are contained, nor to plumbing, electrical, wiring, casings, pans, nor to deterioration of the housing casings, frames or other items due to corrosion.  This agreement does not include repairs made necessary as a result of fire, water, mold, accident, negligence, acts of God, labor disputes, freeze ups of any kind, or to any repairs or replacements if caused by the negligence or lack of care from the Customer in maintaining the equipment.  Allied Experts assumes no liability for delays or failures hereunder caused by any of the foregoing or for any causes whatsoever for damage resulting from delays in performing the services hereunder or for any consequential damage whatsoever.  If repairs or adjustments require any alterations or additions to structure or property, the Customer will obtain the written consent of Allied Experts thereof prior to the performance of such work.
  1. Allied Experts reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to schedule tune-up dates.
  1. It is the customers responsibility to call Allied Experts and schedule their maintenance appointments two times a year within a twelve month period of the agreement.
  1. During prolonged extreme weather conditions, heat and cold spells, maintenance appointments may be rescheduled to accommodate customers without heat or air conditioning.
  1. Additional benefits offered with the Comfort Club Membership other than the regular maintenance may be subject to different terms and conditions.
  1. This Membership has a term of twelve (12) months from the purchase date and will automatically renew on the annual anniversary date unless the Customer provides written notice of termination within 30 days of the renewal date.
  1. Payment to Allied Experts is made yearly or monthly through automatic withdrawal from an account the Customer maintains in a financial institution or credit card company pursuant to this signed authorization form.  Subject to change, drafts (payments) are made on or about the fifteenth (15th) of each month.  If the Customer changes financial institutions, the Customer will provide Allied Experts in writing all information needed for the replacement automatic withdrawal at least ten (10) days before the effective date of the change.
  1. Heat exchangers, evaporator/condensing coils and compressors are not covered under this agreement.  Any repairs not included will be performed at our normal rate.
  1. Replacement of compressors, heat exchangers and coils are not covered, nor is work on related systems such as chimneys, ducts, household gas/electric supplies or system modifications.  Adjustment of fan speed will be done at the time of maintenance service.  Balancing the system is additional.
  1. You may only cancel this membership agreement without penalty or obligation within three (3) business days from the date of sign up.  Any services provided under the perceived commitment to this Agreement shall become retroactively billable to the Customer in the event of cancellation by the Customer prior to the completion of the membership twelve month term of Agreement.  This will apply to the cancellation or default of any scheduled payment by the Customer.
  1. Allied Experts shall not be liable for any loss, damage, consequential damages, negligence, breach of agreement or any other damages of nature based upon express warranty,  implied warranty or other legal theory due to the non-operation or malfunction of the equipment unless said malfunction or non-operation of said equipment is due solely to the negligence of Allied Experts.
  1. The express warranties contained herein are in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.  Without limitation, Allied Experts shall not be liable upon warranty thereof express or implied, regarding manufacturer or operation of any equipment installed by it with the exception that Allied Experts shall cause the same to be repaired in the event of faulty operation or malfunction of said equipment and shall be liable for no damages, except as specified herein.  Allied Experts thus disclaims any implied warranty of any nature whatsoever.
  1. Allied Experts shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to render the services or to make delivery of any merchandise as set forth herein due to Federal, State or Municipal actions or regulations, strikes or other labor troubles, fires, embargoes, accident, a war or any other causes, contingent to or circumstances beyond the control of Allied Experts and/or which make the fulfillment of this agreement impractical.  On removal of the cause of such failure of interruption, performance shall be resumed pursuant to the terms as set forth herein.
  1. The standard of workmanship hereunder shall be that which is reasonable and customary in the industry.
  1. The Customer agrees to pay as an addition to the price herein above set forth, the amount of any present and future taxes or other government charges now or hereafter imposed by existing or future laws with respect to the transfer, use, ownership or possession of the equipment to which the agreement relates.
  1. You are purchasing this membership agreement for the equipment at the location listed.  If you move, the membership may be transferred to the new owner.  This agreement is transferable, not refundable.
  1. For new Comfort Club Members, Allied Experts reserves the right to decline a service agreement at the time of the initial maintenance visit.  In that event, any payment(s) will be refunded and subsequent invoices canceled.  
  1. No service will be rendered to a customer with a past due account.
  1. Condensate drain lines will be tested at time of precision tune-up on the equipment that is covered under this agreement.  Allied Experts will not be liable for any water leaks or damages that are a result of a water leak that may occur after 30 days of the Tune-up.
  1. Allied Experts will not be liable for any water damages that may occur due to improper installation of water producing equipment, such as condensing furnaces & humidifiers located in an unconditioned space.
  1. Accessories will not be covered unless purchased and paid for, with a heater or air conditioner agreement.
  1. Electronic Air Cleaner Standard Maintenance where applicable includes full cleaning and parts check.  Replacement parts and replacement parts installation are not included in Maintenance Plan and will be billed separately.
  1. Humidifier Standard Maintenance where applicable includes full system cleaning and parts check.  Replacement parts and replacement part installation are not included in Maintenance Plan and will be billed separately.
  1. Allied Experts will not be liable for any breakdowns, damages, injuries, water leaks, or damages that are a result of water leaks if access to the covered equipment is restricted or limited in any way.
  2.  If any provision, or portion thereof, of this Agreement is, or becomes, invalid under any applicable statute or rule of law, it is to be deemed stricken and the rest of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

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