Lifetime maintenance guarantee

These Terms and Conditions will be applicable to Allied Experts Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee

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Conditions and Limitaiton

  1. This agreement sets forth the entire agreement between Allied Experts and the Equipment Owner and cannot be changed without written approval from Allied Experts. Representations and promises made by any person not contained in this document are not part of this agreement.
  2. This agreement is automatically canceled if the equipment is removed from the address identified on the agreement contract.
  3. Any material and/or work beyond that covered by the terms of this agreement will be furnished at the Equipment Owner’s expense.
  4. Allied Experts, will NOT be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from a delay in rendering repairs by the terms of this agreement, and in no event is Allied Experts liable for incidental or consequential damages.
  5. Allied Experts must be allowed to perform two regularly scheduled preventative maintenance tune-ups each year. Equipment Owner’s failure to allow or schedule maintenance voids this warranty.

Equipment Owner’s Responsibility

The following are entirely the responsibility of the Equipment Owner

  1. Allied Experts is the only provider allowed to service or maintenance the equipment covered under this warranty for the term or the warranty is void.
  2. Allied Experts will be allowed to perform the regularly scheduled maintenance two times a year on the covered equipment.
  3. Equipment Owner must provide Allied Experts access to equipment and controls, move any stock fixtures and partitions to facilitate the work by Allied Experts.
  4. Your equipment must be working up to the manufacturer’s specifications before this agreement is valid. Any required repairs are the owner’s responsibility.

What is Covered

As a rule of thumb… failure of an internal component on the covered piece of equipment is covered, unless it fails due to neglect, failure of the owner to allow Allied Experts preventative maintenance to occur, or an act of god. The homeowner must maintain a current year of Allied Experts Comfort Club maintenance agreement.

What is Not Covered in Agreement

The following are not part of the agreement:

  1. Drain lines, condensate pumps, refrigerant lines, ducts, electrical external from the equipment, upgraded air filters, or any other equipment not listed on the signed face of the agreement.
  2. Repairs to correct failures or malfunctions that are not considered manufacturing defects, such as damage or malfunction from fire, flooding, theft, misuse, abuse, or improper authorized service from another provider other than Allied Experts.
  3. Repairs to alter the equipment or installation to meet Federal, State, or Local codes or regulations.
  4. Freight on any special order parts.
  5. Any work or service NOT performed by Allied Experts as part of this agreement.
  6. Repairs to equipment installed in corrosive atmospheres.
  7. Any repair created by any act of God.

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