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With almost 15 years of success and distinguished business achievements, Allied Experts is proud of its industry-leading reputation in Medford and the wider NJ area. Our meticulous attention to detail and steadfast dedication to your absolute satisfaction enable us to deliver optimal thermal comfort to your warehouse, restaurant, office, or retail space. Our commercial HVAC systems combine the finest materials, expert craftsmanship, a select choice of brands, and an unwavering devotion to doing our best, no matter the scope or complexity of the task. 

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We go to great lengths to surround ourselves with skilled and motivated commercial HVAC contractors in Medford who are always ready to incorporate new ways of doing things and understand the value of hard work in staying ahead of the game. We conduct meticulous background checks and face-to-face interviews to get to know our prospective employees. As a leader in our field, we have the luxury of cherry-picking the best commercial HVAC installation and repair specialists. With a team that’s won the EPA’s Energy Star Century Club Awards 9 times in a row, you can be sure that our retail HVAC systems carry a hallmark of excellence.

Keep your premises in Medford inviting and healthy

As much as we’re proud of our NATE-certified commercial HVAC contractors who are eager to satisfy your every whim, we also take great pains to remain in the know concerning all industry developments, from new products that hit the market to the latest tools and working methods that may help us provide more value to our treasured clients. We partner with a trusted group of like-minded businesses whose track record is a testament to their quality and longevity. Let us keep your operation lean, mean, and efficient no matter what the unpredictable climate in Medford throws at your door.

Lean on our vast experience & comprehensive prowess 

If you need an office air conditioner repaired for the good of your employees,  a restaurant AC installation to attract more visitors, or any type of warehouse HVAC service to maintain the freshness of your storage space, we’ll be there in a flash to ensure the smooth running of your enterprise. We have an entire bag of solutions for any type of commercial heating and cooling repair you may need. Please tell us what kind of maintenance plan works best for you, and our retail HVAC support services will be available 24/7 to mitigate any developments before they impact your bottom line.

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The Allied Advantage

Allied Experts is the first choice for quality and affordable comfort in Cherry Hill and across New Jersey. Our experienced technicians find satisfaction in bringing a smile to each customer’s face while making their home a better environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is commercial HVAC different from residential? 

While your average residential air conditioning in Medford consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit, commercial HVAC systems are usually made of modular components, depending on the specific characteristics and needs of the business in question.

In warehouses, office buildings, and large retail spaces, commercial air conditioning has a much harder job of maintaining optimal thermal comfort, with people coming and going all the time. Besides air temperatures, commercial HVAC takes care of humidity, air pressure, and ventilation, protecting you from work days lost due to workplace contamination.

How long does it take to install a restaurant HVAC? 

It’s hard to say because it all depends on the complexity and the scope of the job in Medford. However, since we fully understand that no business person wants to see his venture grind to a halt and lose money, our restaurant HVAC contractors will go above and beyond to merge efficiency with quality to minimize the hassle and disruption to your everyday operation.

Depending on the size of your restaurant, the HVAC system should be ready in a couple of days unless you have personalization requirements that may make the process last a day or two more.

What are the most common office HVAC repairs? 

While you may notice that your commercial HVAC isn’t working properly at once, most people tend to spot that something isn’t right when their energy bills start to swell. While a good-functioning office or restaurant air conditioning may not impact your bottom line immediately, malfunctioning warehouse and retail HVAC units can have an instant negative impact on your everyday operation in Medford.

Here are the most common issues that are a clear sign that you should think of installing a new office HVAC system:

  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Damage to the air filter
  • Blown fuses
  • Mechanical wear and tear
  • Malfunctioning blower motor
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Dirt on the condenser or evaporator coils

Can I put in my own warehouse HVAC system? 

Even if you have a specific knowledge of these systems, warehouse HVAC installation is not easy and is much more complicated than your average Medford home or restaurant ac installation. First, it’s not a job that one person can do on their own. Secondly, you’ll need plenty of know-how to avoid making mistakes that may prove costly down the line. Thirdly, you’ll need a whole set of tools and expensive machinery that is not easy to use if you have no previous experience.

In addition, EPA requires that all warehouse HVAC contractors hold a Section 608 certification. Even though it may seem like you’ll save a lot of money by going at it alone, it will almost certainly cost more, last longer, and you’ll end up risking the functioning of your everyday operation.

Where can I find dependable commercial HVAC contractors for installation and repair in Medford, NJ? 

As an award-winning team that has thousands of successful commercial HVAC installations under our belt, we are your one-stop shop for all types of HVAC-related services. Feel free to rely on us if you want to outfit your office in Burlington with a durable HVAC system or repair your restaurant HVAC unit in Delran and much more.

Whether your business is located near Kirby’s Mill, close to the Flying W Airport, or in the southern part of town, Allied Experts we’ll arrive on the scene promptly to conduct a thorough energy audit and provide you with a lasting solution that will ensure the utmost thermal comfort for your workers and customers alike. Contact us today and we’ll get cracking right away!

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