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Why is my house so damp?

While a dry house is a simple problem usually caused by your heating unit, having a damp home could be cause for worry that there is a larger problem at hand. For example, your home could be damp from a leaking pipe somewhere letting moisture into the home. Or a leaking roof letting draining water in. If you’re in a brand new home it could be from the rain while the house was being built and it hasn’t had time to dry yet. 

The short solution to dampness is simple. Purchase a dehumidifier that will pull that moist air in and replace it with dry filtered air. While this will make you feel more comfortable, it is not a solution to your problem, it’s like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. To cure your dampness you’re going to have to look further into it. Check to see if your roof is leaking into your attic or if a pipe in the basement is dripping. These are the two most common major causes of home dampness. Which is not a good sign because they usually result in a pricey repair.  While all of this is true, you must know, there are other, simpler causes of dampness, especially if the dampness is secluded top just one room. 

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For example, if your kitchen is feeling extra damp as compared to the rest of the house, it could be something as simple as your sponge or washcloth sitting wet in the room making the room damp. Another small cause of dampness is laundry going in the room or near the room, or a recently run shower or bath can allow moisture in the air and when someone leaves the room the humid air travels through the house. 

For these simpler issues, all you need is to open a window for a while to let it out, unless of course you live in a humid climate or the weather does not permit opening windows, then you purchase a room dehumidifier from your local box store and that will solve your problem.

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