Disclosure Claim for HVAC Giveaway

Giveaway Disclosure Claim for HVAC System, Air Sealing, and Insulation

By participating in this giveaway for an HVAC system, air sealing, and insulation provided by Allied Experts, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Eligible Home Type: This giveaway is valid for single-family homes that are privately owned and not used for commercial purposes.
  • Home Qualification: The recipient of the HVAC system, air sealing, and insulation may not qualify for the services if any of the following conditions are present:
    • Presence of mold, vermiculite, or asbestos in the home.
    • The home poses any danger, health hazards, or safety risks for the team members of Allied Experts during the installation process.
    • The home is not a gas or electric-fueled dwelling, as this giveaway specifically caters to such homes.
  • Inspection and Disqualification: Allied Experts will conduct a thorough inspection of the recipient’s home before proceeding with the installation. If any of the above-mentioned conditions are identified during the inspection, the recipient will not be eligible for the giveaway services.
  • Recipients’ Responsibility: The recipient is responsible for disclosing any relevant information regarding the home’s condition, such as the presence of mold, vermiculite, asbestos, or any other hazards, during the initial assessment.
  • No Cash or Substitution: The giveaway services are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other substitute.
  • Installation Date and Timeframe: The date and timeframe for the installation of the HVAC system, air sealing, and insulation will be mutually agreed upon by Allied Experts and the recipient.
  • Publicity Release: The recipient agrees to permit Allied Experts to use their name and any provided images or testimonials for promotional purposes related to this giveaway without any compensation.
  • Tax Liability: The recipient is solely responsible for any taxes or fees associated with receiving the HVAC system, air sealing, and insulation through this giveaway.
  • Limitation of Liability: Allied Experts shall not be liable for any damages, injuries, or losses incurred during or after the installation process, including any accidents or incidents resulting from pre-existing home conditions.

By participating in this giveaway, the recipient indicates their understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Allied Experts reserves the right to disqualify any recipient who fails to comply with these terms or attempts to violate the fair