Do I Need To Call An Emergency Plumber?

My toilet is leaking, my sewer is backed up, or my water heater stopped working. 

How do you know when you need an emergency plumber?

We go through everyday life, with the simple luxury of plumbing, but rarely think about what a true luxury it is until it stops working, right?

An unforeseen plumbing problem can stop our daily life in its tracks. No hot shower, can’t use the toilet, the dirty dishes are piling up because the sink isn’t draining and so much more. 

BAM! I think I need a plumber.

Here are some tips to know when you need to call for an emergency plumber:

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are most likely to occur in curved sections of pipes called “traps”  underneath your sinks,  tubs and showers; the internal passages within a toilet; or somewhere  inside the main drainpipe leading away from your home. Before you try  to clear what looks like a small, localized blockage, take a quick look at the big picture. Run water down the other drains that don’t seem clogged. Do the other drains run freely? If not that means you may have a systemic problem. This means there is probably more to the problem then just a clogged pipe under your sink. 

This is a good time to call a PLUMBER!

A Toilet That Won’t Flush

Toilets are some of the most frequently-used plumbing fixtures in the home. The fewer the bathrooms you have, the more use each one gets. Although the drain inside your toilet bowl looks relatively large, the actual drainpipe funneling waste away from the fixture is often small in diameter and can easily become clogged with improper use or overuse. When you experience a toilet that won’t flush, try a plunger to unclog it. If you can’t unclog it with a plunger the problem most likely needs to be addressed by a professional. Toilets are a luxury we really don’t want to go without.

This is a good time to call a PLUMBER!

Toilet Overflow

You go into your bathroom and liquid is coming out of your toilet. An overflowing toilet is definitely a plumbing emergency. The first thing you should do is turn off the water valve, which is located behind your toilet. This can prevent the problem from getting worse. You need to get this problem resolved immediately to prevent severe water damage to your home. 

This is a good time to call a PLUMBER!

No Hot Water

Your water heater is the single source of all the hot water you use in your home each day. When it breaks, you are left without the resource you need to bath comfortably or wash dishes and clothing effectively. This problem is usually beyond the knowledge of your typical homeowner. It also may deal with your fuel supply, which could be potentially dangerous.

This is a good time to call a PLUMBER! 

Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts, the rush of water pouring into your home is a signal you have a very serious problem. First thing you do is shut off the flow to your main water supply. 

Then immediately call a PLUMBER!

2 Tips To Prevent Serious Water Damage In Your Home: 

Before any of those problems occur there are a couple of things you should know about the plumbing in your home. This should be done as soon as you purchase or move into a new home.

  1. Know where all the shut off valves are to your sinks, toilets, tubs, dish and laundry washers.
  2. Know where your home’s main water source shut off valve is located.

Knowing these 2 items could possibly save you hundreds or thousands of dollars instead of you having to pay for severe home damage.

The fact is many homeowners don’t know what really qualifies as a plumbing emergency. If you’re in any doubt, you should always contact a professional plumber to reduce personal stress, potential property damage, and water waste. 

Our highly experienced plumbers are available around the clock and specialize in a wide variety of services and solutions including drain cleaning, garbage disposal repair, leaky faucet repair, water heater repair and installation.

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