6 Benefits of Using a Whole Home Humidifier

During the cold winter months in New Jersey, the air in your home can become extremely dry. When your heating system is running, the moisture level in your home drops dramatically. This can make your home feel uncomfortable and can also affect your health and damage your home.

Using one of the best whole home humidifiers to add moisture to the air in your home is an effective way to make your house more comfortable and can also help alleviate symptoms from health conditions exasperated by dry air. And if you’re concerned about the price, rest assured that the whole home humidifier cost is far outweighed by the benefits it brings. Read on!

Do whole home humidifiers work?

Yes. They can be very efficient and bring many benefits to you and your home. Let’s have a look at the most common ones:

Preventing the spread of airborne infections

Studies have shown that raising humidity levels inside your home dramatically affects airborne viruses, making them practically ineffective. This has spurred the idea to increase humidity levels in hospitals as an additional way to protect staff and patients. 

Moisture in the air can prevent germs’ movement, allowing them to blend with this moisture which helps them drop as airborne particles become too heavy to float in the air. A lot of illnesses can be prevented this way, including influenza. 

Snoring prevention

For people who breathe through their mouth while sleeping, it’s nearly impossible to prevent dryness. However, a humidifier creates more favorable conditions and can help soothe the throat. This way, you’ll sleep more comfortably and potentially reduce your snoring. In addition, it’s also beneficial to run the humidifier throughout the day because it can help prevent your throat from drying our and reduce the irritation that’s typically related to snoring.

Preventing dry skin

Dry conditions in your environment can pull moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry, and causing discomfort that can result in chapped lips and even irritated eyes. We need the proper amount of water for our bodies to function normally. As our skin has a large surface area, it’s typically the first to show the results of dry conditions. Your humidifier can help soothe these conditions, since the added moisture can help improve itchy or dry skin, peeling lips, and eye irritation.

Relieving allergy symptoms

As opposed to older humidifiers which may have released too much humidity and therefore encouraged the spread of dust mites, modern models can be adjusted depending on the environment and not create favorable conditions for these unwelcome house guests. In addition, increased air humidity helps allergy sufferers feel more comfortable, as it can help soothe the tissues in the nasal passages and throat.

Static reduction

During dry winter months, static electricity can increase. When combined with frizzy hair or laundry, it can be quite annoying. Additionally, accumulated static can damage sensitive electronics. These problems can easily be limited and prevented by appropriately humidifying air inside your home.

Reduced wood damage 

Dry conditions can damage wood furniture by drying it out and resulting in cracks. In addition, it can cause joints on your wood floor to become loose, change the size of your wooden door, making opening and closing them difficult, and make the arms and legs of chairs wobble. Wood requires consistent moisture levels to be at its best and using a humidifier properly can secure optimal conditions for the wood features around your home.

Where can I find the best whole home humidifiers?

best whole home humidifier

By investing in a humidifier, you invest in protecting those you love and those things you own. Whether you’re worried about the quality of air in your home, you’re wondering if ionizers can help improve it, you’re wondering how to install a whole home humidifier, or curious to learn how much a whole home humidifier costs, reach out to our experts at Allied Experts. We’re here to make sure your home environment is safe and comfortable for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today!

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