Don’t Exhaust Your Furnace This Winter

Why Maintenance Is Key

Your heating system is going to be running into the spring. Make sure you avoid unexpected breakdowns and high energy bills with furnace maintenance.

Change the Air Filter

A dirty filter can reduce indoor air quality, increase energy costs, and cause your furnace to break down.

Tighten Electrical Connections

Faulty electrical connections will make your system operate unsafely or shorten the life of your system.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Poorly lubricated parts cause friction, making your furnace use more energy than it needs to.

Look for Signs of Poor Combustion

The flames in the burner should be blue and steady — not orange and flickering. The outside of your furnace should be free of black soot.

Check the Condensate Drain

A clogged drain can affect indoor humidity levels or lead to water damage.

Keep your furnace in top shape.
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In the U.S., 50% of all Heating and Cooling systems installed are sized incorrectly.

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