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When you arrange to have a home inspected, a home inspection company will evaluate the plumbing system inside of it by running water to make sure it drains properly. As long as it does, they usually won’t recommend getting plumbing work done. However, what the average inspection company won’t inspect is the sewer line that is connected to the home. What many homeowners don’t know is that they are responsible for the underground sewer line all the way until it reaches the sewer main, even if it extends beyond your property line. That is why it is crucial to get a sewer line inspection, beyond just the running water test. 

From grease build-up to obstructions or even root intrusion from a tree in the yard, all of these are examples of issues we can find when running a sewer line inspection. 

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Common Issues

Improper sloping/Grease buildup

We pair these together as one is usually a result of the other. Grease buildups usually occur due to improper sloping and water becoming stagnant and allowing it to settle. Other improper sloping issues we may find include a negative slope, where one section of your pipe has bent causing a  “u shape” and allowing water and buildup to pile and eventually block the pipe. 

Root intrusion

Occasionally, we find that tree roots have found a way into pipelines, causing them to leak or rupture, causing thousands of dollars in damages

Misaligned or offset pipes

For a variety of reasons, a sewer line joint can become offset, disjointed, or misaligned, causing a leak, which if not taken care of can cause sinkholes, erosion, and pipe bursts.

Not only do we offer sewer line inspections but also offer drain cleaning services to solve any back-up issue that may be plaguing your home!

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