How an Energy Assessment by Allied Experts Benefits Your Home

Unpleasant drafts, feeling too hot or too cold and skyrocketing energy bills are unfortunately all too common problems. If you’ve been experiencing these issues and aren’t sure what’s causing them — it’s time to find out.

An energy assessment from Allied Experts can uncover the root causes of any problems you’ve been having in your home. We can then discuss the measures necessary to get your home’s comfort, indoor air quality and energy-efficiency to where they should be.

Home Energy Assessments

Just like you go in for an annual check-up with the doctor, and your car gets an inspection, your home should also be assessed. At Allied, our Expert Assessment consists of learning about you as a homeowner, taking photos of your systems while discovering more about the home, its history and uncovering the source of the problems you’re experiencing. All this information is then brought back to the Engineering & Design Department, where the team then diagnoses the symptoms to create a cure unique to your home.

Understanding exactly where your home may be letting air in and out, as well as where heat readily escapes or enters is the first step in achieving comfort and energy efficiency. Once your energy assessment is completed, we’ll provide you with unique and detailed recommendations that can improve your home and resolve the problems you’ve been experiencing.

Whether we uncover that your home needs air sealing and insulation, better indoor air quality or more efficient heating and cooling equipment, Allied can make the upgrades you require. We will also look into every rebate and incentive you’re eligible for from the state and the utility companies to ensure you save along the way.

You’ll experience the following benefits:

Greater Comfort

If you want your morning cup of coffee to stay warmer for longer, you put it in an insulated mug with an airtight lid. By insulating and air sealing your home, you’ll keep it warmer during the cold months and cooler in the summer. Since the added insulation will keep your home’s temperature more comfortable, your furnace, boiler or air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature where you want it. You’ll stop experiencing pesky, unpleasant drafts and any thermostat wars your family was having will cease, keeping everyone happy and comfortable.

Lowered Monthly Energy Bills

Since your home won’t be leaking energy, your HVAC systems won’t be running all the time to try and keep you comfortable. This results in decreased energy bills, helping you save month after month.

Improved Indoor Air Quality & Home Health

Air sealing, insulating, taking care of your home’s HVAC systems and adding ventilation can all contribute to improving your home’s indoor air quality. With cleaner and fresher air, you may notice reduced allergy or asthma symptoms. You’ll also know you’ll be staying healthier by not breathing in toxins, mold, carbon monoxide or other pollutants.

Allied: Experts in Energy-Efficiency, Comfort & Health

Our team can find the source of any discomfort, high energy bills or indoor air pollution in your home through an energy assessment. By working with us to make upgrades, you’ll quickly start enjoying the benefits.

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