Heat Running Day & Night with No Relief In Sight?

We expect to hear our furnaces cranking in the middle of winter. It’s a reassuring sound when the wind blows and snow piles up outside. But if you’re hearing it constantly and your furnace seems to run non-stop, you’ll want to consider that sound as a warning.

A furnace should be able to run just enough to heat the air in your living area to your desired temperature, then rest. If it keeps running, it means your conditioned air is leaking out of your house or your furnace is not running efficiently and needs either maintenance or replacement. Fortunately, you don’t need to guess—there’s a foolproof way to find out just what’s making your heating system work so hard.

Schedule an Energy Assessment

Trying various upgrades around your home to see if they solve your heating problems can be a very expensive, hit-or-miss way to attempt to increase energy efficiency. An energy assessment is hands-down the most effective way to get to the root of your problems and take targeted, specific steps to solve them.

Our energy experts have the training, experience and technology to find out exactly how your house consumes energy and where the inefficiencies are. Many homeowners are surprised to find that their real issues are not the obvious ones. And once the issues are resolved, these homeowners find themselves far more comfortable and with significantly lower utility bills.

Air Sealing and Insulation

The most common findings of an energy assessment, are related to air sealing and insulation. Working together, air sealing and insulation provide an effective barrier between your living space and the air outdoors.

  • Air Sealing

    Sealing all the gaps, cracks and leaks in your home is a good place to start increasing energy efficiency. Air sealing not only stops your warm air from leaving the house, it also keeps cold air from entering, bringing with it moisture and contaminants that can reduce the efficiency of your insulation, encourage mold growth and reduce your indoor air quality.
  • Insulation

    Once your home is properly air sealed, new insulation forms a barrier to capture your conditioned air within your living space, creating an effective thermal envelope that reduces the workload on your furnace, increases your comfort and lowers your heating costs. Not only that, but insulation helps reduce the load on your air conditioning, too, for lower utility bills all year long.

HVAC Service Plans

Your energy audit may point to an inefficient furnace. It may be that your unit needs only a tune-up. An annual furnace tune-up is essential to keeping your system running at peak performance. Regular maintenance also ensures your safety, as technicians measure gas leaks and check for carbon monoxide emissions. Yearly, thorough inspection allows for minor adjustments and repairs that can prevent breakdowns and costly emergency calls.

If your furnace is 10 or more years old, it may be time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient furnace that runs less often and uses less fuel when it does. Before you upgrade, our energy experts can help you determine the best size furnace for your home. You may be surprised to know that bigger is not always better when it comes to furnaces.

Whether you need furnace repair or furnace replacement, HVAC system maintenance is essential to its smooth, safe operation and longevity. An efficient, properly ventilated furnace will improve your indoor air quality, increase the comfort of your home and decrease your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

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