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Hillsborough is a special place not just because of everything in town from all the wonderful places to eat, to the parks, from Duke Gardens to the Sourlands. Not only do you know it, but so does everyone else, with Hillsborough constantly ranking as one of the best places to live in the United States. But most importantly, Hillsborough is special because it is home. And home should be comfortable. That is where we at Allied Experts come in. Allied Experts is here to turn your drafty rooms, aging water heaters and unreliable Heating and A/C units into tools to fuel your comfort. 

It All Starts With An Expert Assessment

We start with a Home Energy Assessment, where we determine how and where your home is losing energy. Common places of energy loss are:

  • Loose insulation
  • Improperly built recessed lighting
  • Inadequate or over-sized systems

These situations allow the outdoors in, compromising the system that is your home. Our whole-home approach allows us to take all of these issues into account and design a perfect remedy to maximize your comfort while minimizing your energy costs. As an added bonus during our home energy assessment, our expert will be on the lookout for any health or safety issues and if we are to find anything we will inform you of the issue and even advise the next steps you should take to get them fixed.

Rebates and Incentives Available

We are able to offer this comprehensive program, in part, thanks to the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. The NJCEP is New Jersey’s gold standard in making the state as energy-efficient as possible. It does this by offering up to $4,000 in rebates along with saving homeowners from Hillsborough to Gloucester and the rest of NJ up to 30% on their energy bills by updating their homes and increasing their efficiency and comfort. This combined with the rebates we utilize from our manufacturer allows us to offer your home performance project at the lowest price possible. 

With Allied Experts, you get quality service and expert knowledge for the right price. We have already completed projects all over town, and if this is one of the best places to live in the U.S., shouldn’t it feel like it?

Fill out the form below and have Allied make that happen and get your Home Energy Assessment scheduled today. 

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