Determining the Amount of Insulation Your Home Needs

Providing your home with sufficient thermal insulation will ensure a comfortable living environment and lower your energy costs. In addition to defining the corresponding insulation thickness, you will need to meet R or U values for the house’s thermal envelope. 

But how do you determine the amount of insulation you need for the project? To get an approximate estimate, all you need is some basic information about the insulation of your choice. However, if you want to know what the actual price will be, contacting an experienced insulation company in Hamilton, NJ might be a wise move.

How do I calculate how much insulation I need?

In comparison to starting from scratch, improving your old insulation won’t take as long. However you decide to go about it, ensure that your insulation adheres to Department of Energy guidelines. Following these steps will get you there: 

  1. Choose the type of insulation you want
How do I calculate how much insulation I need

Choosing the type of insulation is the next step in this process. These are some of the most common types:

  • Rolls
  • Batts
  • Faced & unfaced
  1. Make sure you know your zone

Identifying the insulation requirements in your area is a good place to start. A specific R-value requirement is set by the U.S. Department of Energy based on the location of the project. There might be a difference in zoning from 1 to 7, which means you should first confirm zoning and building code requirements

  1. Do some measuring

Once you have determined your zone, it’s time to do some measuring. First, measure the height and length of each wall to determine how much insulation you need. To identify the type of insulation necessary, multiply the wall’s length by the wall’s height and calculate the spacing between the studs. This is because insulation is usually purchased in standard rolls that are custom-cut to fit between studs. 

  1. Determine the number of rolls needed

As soon as we have determined the square footage of your home, simply divide it by the square footage of insulation in the manufacturer’s package. Remember to check the dimensions given, since different manufacturers use different measurements. Based on the number you get, you will know how many bundles you need for your home’s insulation.

Can I have too much insulation?

While it’s generally a good idea for houses to be well insulated, “too much” insulation is theoretically possible. For instance, moisture can be trapped within a house if it is overly sealed and insulated. Also, when a home lacks proper ventilation, it leads to too much moisture, especially in the attic, resulting in poor air quality.

However, you might consider getting your home inspected if something seems out of the ordinary. Having an over-insulated home is possible, but under-insulated homes are more likely, especially if you notice:

  • The cost of energy is higher than usual
  • Uneven temperatures between rooms 
  • Your home’s second floor unusually warm

Because of this, DIY insulation projects are rarely recommended. As long as qualified professionals are at your corner, you can rest assured that materials are installed properly, safely, and with the appropriate amount of insulation to maximize energy savings.

Where can I find an expert insulation company in Hamilton & the area?

Can I have too much insulation

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