7 Simple Ways to Prevent Costly Plumbing Problems

There’s nothing worse than having to call in an emergency plumber in the middle of the night or on a busy day. On top of being expensive and extremely unpleasant, a burst pipe or sewer backup can cause lasting damage to your property in Cherry Hill, NJ, and may even be harmful to your and your family’s health.

The good news is, most plumbing emergencies can be avoided with proper installation and preventative maintenance. In the following article, we’ll give you a list of 7 time-tested tips that will help you keep your plumbing system in good condition and potentially avoid costly problems in the future. Read on to learn more.

How can common plumbing problems be prevented?

It’s an unfortunate fact that most plumbing issues are caused by negligence and bad habits rather than any faults with the system itself. Knowing what these habits are and how to avoid them can make all the difference in the long term.

Here are 7 ways to keep your plumbing system healthy:

1. Don’t misuse your garbage disposal

Refrain from pouring grease or fibrous materials (cornhusks, onion skins, celery, artichokes, etc.) into the garbage disposal, as this can create a clog. Don’t push in large amounts of waste at once, but rather dispose of it gradually with the cold water running.

2. Don’t pour oil down the drain

Although warm oil and grease may seem relatively soft and fluid, they will harden as they cool and stick to the inside of your pipes. The problem will only get worse over time, and may completely clog sink plumbing and even sewer lines.

3. Be careful how you use DIY cleaners

Many Americans use DIY plumbing cleaners to prevent clogs and damage to their pipes. While this is generally healthier for your pipes than using harsh chemicals, overuse of DIY cleaners can still lead to damage over time. To be safe, always use pipe cleaners sparingly.

4. Avoid a DIY approach

Plumbing issues are notoriously difficult to diagnose and fix without specialized training, experience, and equipment. Unless you have a background as a plumber, the best way to deal with plumbing problems is to call in the professionals.

5. Refrain from flushing flushable wipes

Although flushable wipes are designed to decompose in water, this process can still take a long time, so flushing a lot of them can still create a blockage in your pipes and septic tank. Don’t flush anything except toilet paper.

6. Don’t postpone repairs

Plumbing issues tend to get worse over time. Something as simple as a slow or clogged drain can eventually result in a pipe bursting or springing a major leak, or even lead to catastrophic sewage backup. Always call in the professionals as soon as you spot the signs of a plumbing problem.

7. Maintain your plumbing system

Get in touch with a trusted plumbing service and have them perform regular maintenance check ups on your plumbing system. This will ensure any malfunctions are identified and addressed in a timely manner, which will keep repair costs down and prevent major inconveniences in the future.

Where can I find a reliable plumber in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the vicinity?

Where can I find a reliable plumber in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the vicinity

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