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7 Bad Plumbing Habits You Should Avoid

You might be damaging your plumbing every day without even knowing it. You may have unintentionally caused some common household leaks that led to a plumbing emergency. No worries, you’re not alone. 

In a world where there are so many misconceptions about plumbing and few truly qualified plumbers to ask for advice, it should come as no surprise that most people develop poor plumbing habits. So, let’s find out what causes Burlington homeowners to hire their local plumber so often. 

How do you damage your plumbing system

How do you damage your plumbing system?

The most concerning aspect of bad plumbing habits is that you may not be aware they’re harming your system. You should change these 7 plumbing habits immediately to keep your plumbing in good condition.

  1. Flushing various household items

As convenient as it might seem to flush wet wipes, kitty litter, and personal care products down the toilet, it’s definitely not advisable to do so. While some products are indeed labeled as flushable, an experienced plumber will tell you that clogs are often caused by “flushable” and “disposable” items. In light of that, keep in mind that toilet paper is the only thing you should flush down the toilet.

  1. Pouring grease

While the results of pouring grease down the drain aren’t immediately visible, it will eventually build up and coat your pipes, resulting in a clog. It takes a special machine to flush out grease-filled drain lines, known as a hydrojet, which is far more costly than a regular snake service. Moreover, most homeowners want to avoid the unpredictable effects of a completely clogged drain line.

  1. Loose hair in your drains & pipes

Even though hair doesn’t seem harmful, it can easily stick to soap deposits inside your pipes, clogging them up. Hair fibers can cause major clogs over time, so it’s best to dispose of them elsewhere and use a drain basket.

  1. Liquid drain cleaners

The first thing you do when you see a clogged drain is reach for a liquid drain cleaner. Although widely used, you should not rely on this solution. The harsh chemicals in these products are capable of causing cracks in your piping due to their ability to generate considerable heat, corrosion, etc. If possible, ask your plumber for help clearing the clog with sewer-specific equipment.

  1. No freezing precautions

The best thing you can do is to have an experienced plumber examine your plumbing system before winter arrives. Without proper insulation of your piping, pipes are at risk of expanding and bursting during the winter months. 

  1. Leaving the hose connected in the winter 

Winter is the right time to disconnect your garden hose and turn off the water to all the exterior faucets. If you fail to do this, a frozen hose can lead to cracks in the piping, potentially leading to leaks throughout your house.

  1. Plumbing on your own

Regardless of how small the problem may appear, make sure you take precautions when trying to fix the problem yourself. In case a problem arises during plumbing repair, remember that plumbers are available 24/7. You don’t want to make possibly devastating mistakes, such as connecting your pipes incorrectly, or overtightening them, as this could result in a flood when you turn on the water again.

Where can I find a trusted plumber in Burlington, NJ

Where can I find a trusted plumber in Burlington, NJ?

If you have some of these bad plumbing habits, do not be discouraged; there’s always high-quality help available. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Allied Experts, the leading plumbing company in Burlington.

Our team of seasoned specialists is prepared to handle all the household leaks or any other plumbing issues you may encounter. We’ll identify and resolve all plumbing problems thanks to our extensive knowledge and latest technology. It doesn’t matter if you’re near Amico Island Park, or elsewhere in the area, we got you covered!

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