Top 4 Advantages of Using Your Air Conditioner To Heat Your Home

Many people mistakenly believe that using an air conditioner is a luxurious treat that can get expensive in a hurry. While this used to be the case a few decades ago, these days, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that running an AC is an extremely efficient way to control indoor temperatures.

And yes, this includes heating as well. In fact, some ACs are so effective at warming up our homes in Howell, NJ, that they can rival even a central heating installation, at least when it comes to warming up small to medium-sized rooms.

We’ve previously provided a list of energy-saving tips for the heating season, explored the surprisingly interesting history of central heating, and explained why proper weatherization is essential. Now we’ll expand on the topic of heating by explaining why heating your home with an air conditioner can actually be a great idea. Keep reading to learn more.

How efficient is air conditioning for heating

Can an AC be used as a heater?

Absolutely. The majority of modern air conditioners are equipped with a heating mode that allows them to provide heating as needed. This can be a highly efficient heating solution that saves you money in the long run while also ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Here are 4 reasons to use an AC for heating:

  • Safety. Air conditioners don’t produce ash or asbestos dust, and they’re highly unlikely to cause an electric fire. While refrigerant leaks can be dangerous, they’re not nearly as perilous as carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Space. Split-system air conditioners are relatively compact. This can make them the ideal HVAC solution for small homes that don’t have enough space for a furnace.
  • Convenience. An AC starts heating the moment you switch it on. There’s no need to wait for the furnace to warm up or for energy to be accumulated overnight.
  • Cost. Air conditioners are the most affordable way of heating when compared to other electrical heating devices and devices that use fuels such as wood, coal, gas, or oil.

How efficient is air conditioning for heating?

Extremely so. The average air conditioning system can produce 3 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity it spends. This can achieve significant long-term savings compared to using a space heater or central heating. It’s also far safer than using space heaters, as they’re one of the leading causes of house fires in America.

One disadvantage of this heating method is that it comes with a higher upfront cost, as you have to purchase your new unit and pay professionals to install it. Another is that the heating and cooling from split system ACs are generally limited to the room or area they’re in, so a single unit won’t be able to heat a large or even medium-sized home on its own.

For maximum efficiency, keep it at 64-65 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to maximizing savings, this will also minimize wear on your AC and help keep it healthy for many years to come.

Can an AC be used as a heater

Who in Howell, NJ, and the region provides expert-level heating installation?

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