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How Insulation Works

Insulation is supposed to keep heat where it is, so either in or out. When you’re packing cold drinks in the cooler to keep by the grill, that cooler’s insulation is supposed to keep the heat out. When you’re snuggling under a down comforter, it’s supposed to keep the heat in.

The same concept applies to your New Jersey area home. However, it’s on a much larger scale with many more variables involved. Just having insulation isn’t enough, it’s about making sure that it works by having the right kind, in the right places and the right amount.

How Much Insulation Does My Home Need?

Materials used for insulation have different abilities to resist heat. Their thermal resistance or R-value is measured per inch. Spray foam has a higher R-value than fiberglass, meaning that you need to use more fiberglass insulation to achieve the same level of insulation.

Therefore, the amount of insulation your home needs will differ based on the type you’re using. The main thing to keep in mind is achieving the right R-value in the right place. For example, the attic in your NJ home should have insulation from at least R-38 to R-60, while the walls can have somewhere between R-13 to R-15.

Combining Insulation & Air Sealing

High-performance insulation can do a good job on its own. However, you’ll truly get the most out of it when it’s combined with air sealing. Since air also allows heat to readily move in and out of spaces, by closing any gaps and cracks in your home’s building envelope, you can keep the heat exactly where you want it — in during the winter and out in the summer.

Preventing Boiler, Furnace & HVAC Breakdowns

Insulation has many benefits in addition to keeping you comfortable. In the winter without appropriate insulation, you can keep dialing up the heat at home. Not only does this significantly increase your monthly energy bills, but you’re also wearing down your furnace or boiler.

Insulation helps maintain more pleasant indoor temperatures year-round. This results in you being more comfortable and refraining from going overboard with the heating or cooling. You’ll save on your home’s expenses, lower the chances of unexpected HVAC repairs and reduce your impact on the environment.

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