The Science Behind Ionization Technology

Air contamination that’s most difficult to fight today is the high level of microscopic and submicroscopic pollutants. These particles are too small for the regular filters to trap, passing them by and degrading indoor air quality. Luckily, there’s a cutting-edge solution that efficiently combats nano and micro particles from various sources such as industry, traffic, and general combustion, as well as products such as synthetic materials in furniture and clothing. 

Blending ionization technology and HVAC systems produce a powerful firewall for a broad spectrum of pollutants, keeping your living or working environment safe. Your trusted commercial HVAC contractors in Mount Laurel can help you choose the right option for your facility and today’s article gives you a deeper insight into the technology behind HVAC ionization

What is the mechanism of an ionizer?

What is the mechanism of an ionizer

Latest technologies like Ultravation® Orion™ Air Ionizer are designed to allow for easier capturing of submicroscopic particles and can break down the complex molecules of smoke, odors, and chemical fumes, bringing healthier, more comfortable, and freshened air to your home or business. 

Ion generation

HVAC ionizers typically generate negative ions using various methods such as needlepoint ionization, bipolar ionization, or corona discharge. 

  • Bipolar ionization generates both positive and negative ions simultaneously, aiming to achieve a more balanced distribution of ions in the air. These systems typically use specialized ionization tubes or emitters that produce positive and negative ions. 
  • Corona discharge generates ions by passing a high-voltage electrical discharge through a conductor. It usually consists of thin, sharp wires or needles made of a conductive material such as stainless steel. The wires are charged with high voltage, creating a corona discharge around them and generating negatively charged ions, which are then dispersed into the air by the airflow of the HVAC system.
  • Needlepoint ionization is a variation of corona discharge, where sharp needles or points are used as electrodes instead of wires. The sharp points facilitate the concentration of electric field strength, enhancing ion generation. The design of needlepoint ionizers is often compact and efficient.

Attracting fine particles

Orion’s needlepoint electrodes let off ions that attach to the fine particles drawn into the HVAC system. When connected, ions charge these particles, making them cluster into larger and heavier groups, therefore either trapped in filtration or falling to the ground in case there’s no filter or airstream. 

According to ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), when ionization is added before a filter, it will increase its capacity by a minimum of 20%. 

Fighting VOC molecules and odors

The ions can break down complex molecules, like smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other airborne harmful substances. The atoms that remain recombine into molecules that are simplified and harmless. 

Disrupting microbe chemical balance

When an ionizer is placed near the system’s filter, it sterilizes it. The ions bring electrical charge to the surfaces of microbes, causing reactions that inactivate them. Electrical charge can affect microbes regardless of whether they are on surfaces or in the air. 

The Science Behind Ionization Technology

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