How Long Does Ductwork Last?

Ever wonder about the secret, hidden highways running within the walls and under the floors of your home? These unseen routes aren’t just playing hide and seek: they’re tirelessly working to keep you cozy or cool, irrespective of the weather outside. Yes, we’re talking about ductwork – the less-celebrated protagonist of a home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. But, as steadfast as they are, they’re not immortal. 

We talked to some of the best HVAC insulation companies in Voorhees to help us unveil the curious life of your ductwork, the variables that dictate their lifespan, and the telltale signs that whisper, “Hey, it’s time for a change!” So, are you ready to decode your home’s hidden highway? Let’s get started!

Factors affecting ductwork longevity

Even with proper care and routine maintenance, you will eventually need to replace your ductwork. Here are some common factors affecting their longevity:

How do I know if I have bad ductwork
  • Materials used: The material of your ductwork plays a critical role in its lifespan. Due to their robust and durable nature, metal ducts tend to last longer than flexible counterparts.
  • Maintenance practices: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and minor repairs, can extend their lifespan. Neglected ducts could suffer damage to the point that they would need to be replaced prematurely.
  • Environmental conditions: Your ductwork’s environment also affects its longevity. High-humidity or high-heat areas may fare better than those in cooler, drier climates.

How do I know if I have bad ductwork?

Just like the rest of your home, they require regular maintenance, care, and every once in a while, a complete do-over. So, if you’re unsure about their age, don’t fret – they have a knack for letting you know it’s time to upgrade and ring up a pro. 

Keep an eye out for these subtle (or not-so-subtle) telltale signs:

The weight of time

Time, as they say, spares no one, not even your hardworking ducts. After about 15 years of providing you with comfort, they might start showing their age. If they’re approaching or have crossed this milestone, it might be time to get an HVAC professional to take a peek.

Uneven heating & cooling

Do some rooms in your home feel like a cozy winter cabin while others feel like a summer beach? If your house is giving you a tour of the seasons, your ductwork might struggle to distribute air properly.

Poor air quality

If you’ve noticed an increase in dust or a decline in the quality of the air in your home, your ductwork may be to blame. Damaged or leaky ducts can allow pollutants and allergens to enter your air system and circulate throughout your home.

Odd noises & smells

Where can I find a reliable HVAC duct insulation company in Voorhees

Ideally, your HVAC system should run like a well-rehearsed orchestra—quiet and harmonious. If it starts humming, rattling, or producing strange noises, consider it a red flag. Similarly, if musty or foul odors seem to originate from your vents, it’s a good idea to have your ductwork inspected. These could be indicators of mold, pests, or other issues within your ductwork.

Where can I find a reliable HVAC duct insulation company in Voorhees, NJ?

Having trouble deciding whether or not to replace your air ducts? Or perhaps you need expert advice on repairing ductwork in crawl spaces? Look no further because Allied Experts is a reputable HVAC duct and attic insulation company operating in Voorhees and across the surrounding communities in NJ, and can protect you from a wide range of health risks associated with old insulation. Just give our skilled technicians a call so that we can address your concerns promptly and diligently. 

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