A Summer Attic Improvement Plan For An Energy Efficient Home

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.” That couldn’t be more true when it comes to attic insulation. But why is it so important to update it, and how can it transform your place into an energy-efficient stronghold? Let’s dig a little deeper and cool down your home in Mount Laurel, NJ.

How can I make my home energy-efficient during the summer?

How can I make my home energy-efficient during the summer

Well-designed roof and attic systems have a critical job in insulating your home and helping regulate temperature. For instance, if the attic is not well-insulated, lacks good ventilation, has leaks, or is under a worn-out roof, your entire house will suffer from it.

So, here’s what you can do about it:

Replace outdated or damaged insulation

As time goes by, insulation materials degrade, losing their effectiveness. They may get damaged by water leaks, pests, or simply age. By upgrading your insulation, you’re ensuring optimal thermal resistance, preventing excessive heat from entering your living space during summer and air conditioned air from exiting your living space. Not to mention, you’re giving your home a fresh, energy-efficient touch.

Provide adequate ventilation 

Imagine your attic as a giant oven cooking under the sun, turning your house into a hotbox. Adequate ventilation acts like an exhaust fan, getting rid of that stuffy, hot air and allowing your house to breathe. It’s like a breeze passing through your home, keeping temperatures down and comfort up.

Have routine roof inspections & maintenance

You can think of it as your home’s regular check-up, akin to visiting a doctor. Just like early detection of health problems helps manage them better, regular inspections can catch pesky leaks, sneaky mold, or damaged shingles. Protect yourself from the summer heat by keeping your roof in good condition.

Leak protection

Do you know how hard it is to fill a bucket with water when it has a hole in it? It’s your AC trying to cool your house when there are leaks. They can lead to heat entering the home and cool air escaping, increasing the workload of your air conditioning system. As long as you protect your home against them, you’re ensuring every bit of cool air stays inside. It’s like a guardian, warding off energy waste and keeping things cozy.

Take care of rodent infestations

Rodents in your attic? Yikes! Just like uninvited guests making a mess in your house, rodents can wreck your insulation, invite hot air in, and send your energy bills soaring. Cleaning up any rodent infestations and repairing the damage they cause is vital to keeping your insulation effective and conserving energy.

Give your ductwork a little TLC

Your home’s ductwork distributes cooled air from the air conditioning system. If it’s located in the attic and isn’t well-insulated or has leaks, cool air may be lost into the attic instead of reaching your living area.

So, just like a little self-care goes a long way in keeping you healthy, a little TLC for your ductwork ensures your home stays cool and energy-efficient!

Where can I find insulation experts in Mount Laurel & the area?

Are you scratching your head, pondering over the dangers lurking in your air ducts? Or perhaps, breaking into a cold sweat thinking of all the disadvantages of DIY attic insulation? Well, toss those worries out the window! Here at Allied Experts, we’ve got your back.. 

Where can I find insulation experts in Mount Laurel & the area

You can count on us to provide the best materials for your home or workplace, optimizing its efficiency and comfort. Whether you live downtown or elsewhere in Mount Laurel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We promise to resolve your plumbing and HVAC concerns promptly and professionally.

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