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Essential Furnace Maintenance Tips for Flawless Operation

Today’s furnaces are incredibly sturdy devices that can keep a home warm for a decade or more without suffering any significant breakdowns or requiring costly repairs. However, to reliably deliver this high level of performance, furnaces need to be given professional maintenance check-ups on a regular basis.

But what exactly does this regular heating service include, and how frequently should a furnace in Hamilton, NJ, be given a tune-up? Can you perform DIY repairs on a typical gas or oil furnace, or do you need the help of the pros? Keep reading to learn the answers to these common questions about central heating systems

How often should you have your furnace professionally cleaned?

The optimal time to give your furnace a thorough cleaning is during its annual maintenance visit. In fact, if you’ve hired a reputable HVAC company to give your furnace its yearly tune-up, they will already have cleaning included in the service.

The best and most hassle-free way to go about it is to check if your HVAC service of choice offers a subscription-based maintenance plan. These plans usually provide you with various discounts, maintenance reminders, priority scheduling, and other conveniences that make keeping your heating system in excellent condition a breeze.

What is routine maintenance on a furnace?

What is routine maintenance on a furnace?

Apart from cleaning, a furnace maintenance checklist includes a detailed inspection of individual components. This enables your HVAC mechanics to identify and address any problems early on, which prevents sudden breakdowns and enables you to make the most of your heating system.

A heating maintenance checklist usually includes:

  • Examining heat exchangers
  • Checking the condensate drain line and (if needed) cleaning it
  • Testing CO (carbon monoxide) levels
  • Examining and cleaning the burner
  • Flame signal testing
  • Thermocouple replacement (if necessary)
  • Thoroughly vacuuming the combustion chamber
  • Replacing air filters or washing them (if they’re reusable)
  • Checking the current and voltage
  • Evaluating the condensate pump
  • System control inspection and testing
  • Thermostat inspection and calibration
  • Exhaust system assessment and testing
  • Cleaning the sensor, pilot orifice, and pilot assembly
  • Assessing gas pressure
  • Examining gas or oil line connections
  • Gas pressure check-up
  • Examining and (if needed) adjusting fan belt tension
  • Assessing heat anticipator settings
  • Lubricating motor bearings and other moving parts
  • Ignition system testing
  • Ensuring the electrical connections are tightened correctly
  • Checking for dust buildup within the wheel and blower motor

Consider making it a two-in-one

Some HVAC companies also offer other household services, such as cooling and plumbing system repair and maintenance. You can save yourself time and money by hiring one such company and having them perform multiple types of maintenance during a single visit.

Can I fix my own furnace?

We strongly advise against it. Improper furnace installation and repair can result in life-threatening fire hazards, gas or oil leaks, and other catastrophic malfunctions. Unless you’ve been trained as a heating mechanic and have extensive experience with furnace maintenance, the most effective way to address any problems with your furnace and make sure it’s safe for your family and pets is by outsourcing this task to the professionals.

Who offers dependable heating service in Hamilton, NJ, and the region?

Who offers dependable heating service in Hamilton, NJ, and the region?

For 10 years and counting, Allied Experts have been providing the good people of Hamilton Township and other communities across New Jersey with professional heating, cooling, and plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services.

We can also maximize the comfort and the energy efficiency of your property by performing detailed energy assessment, and identifying and eliminating air leaks and insulation issues. Get in touch with us today and reap the benefits of having your essential household systems maintained by the premier technicians in the area.

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