3 Ways to Fix a Sewage Backup in Your Home

If you discover a sewer backup, you can immediately take the following steps: Look for blockages in all toilets, sinks, and waste pipes. Once you find a blockage, clear it as soon as possible.  

However, a sewer backup requires immediate professional action. You cannot use your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks until your drains are fixed. To restore the flow of water in pipes and routine operations in your home, you should turn to an expert for your plumbing problems in Hamilton, NJ. Keep on reading to learn more!

How do professionals fix a sewage backup

How do professionals fix a sewage backup?

When you call a plumber, they will visit your home to identify the problem and fix it. To prevent any future issues, here are 3 common ways to prevent plumbing issues:

1. Drain cleaning

Clogged drains aren’t just a nuisance,they can increase the risk of plumbing backups, leaks, and even burst pipes. Even though some blockages can be cleared with a little patience, many homeowners notice that they tend to recur quickly.

While there are products on the market that claim to clear drains, they probably won’t work on tough clogs caused by food, grease, and hair. Getting rid of the buildup inside your pipes is the only way to prevent another blockage from happening soon.

2. Replacing sewer lines

If a  segment of your sewer line is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced. Typically, these services are the last resort that a plumber turns to when evaluating a slow or clogged drain. However, your plumber may be able to tell if you need a sewer line replacement based on a few signs. These signs could include:

  • Slow or backed-up sinks
  • Standing water on the lawn
  • Increased pests

3. Septic clearing

You may also experience backups if your septic system is clogged. Only a plumber should clean out your septic system since exposing the contents of the septic tank to air will kill the anaerobic bacteria and stop the system from working. In addition, you will be releasing the smell of waste from the tank.

Can I unclog my sewer line by myself?

Despite their effectiveness, chemicals can pose a safety risk, so be sure to wear protective clothing and follow all EPA guidelines when using chemicals. Please ensure no breaks in the sewer line before using them.

Generally, plumbers recommend copper sulfate-based chemical cleaners if your sewer line is clogged by tree roots, effective in two weeks. For toilet paper jams, bleach-based chemical cleaners can dissolve the blockage.

Simply pour the chemicals down the sewer pipe and let them sit for at least 15 minutes. Use hot water to flush out the pipe afterward.

Can I unclog my sewer line by myself

Where can I book expert plumbing specialists in Hamilton, NJ, & beyond?

Allied Experts can assist you in any emergency situation: we can inspect a sewer line in a timely and professional manner, preventing further damage to your property and health. To prevent some of the most common reasons for sewage backup, count on us to maintain your water fixtures and pipelines on a regular basis. 

With many years of experience in the field, our team will be happy to provide you with a full-service approach and an assessment. Get in touch with us for a variety of services, from HVAC system repair to insulation for residential and commercial properties. Take a break from your worries, take a much-needed day off at Grounds For Sculpture, and book the service you need!

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