Is My Air Conditioner Working Properly on Hot Days?

Many New Jersey homes are less comfortable on hot days. Often, the second-floor rooms are too warm or humid, while the first floor is just fine. Is this an issue with the air conditioning system? Many times, the answer is no.

Allied Energy Efficiency Experts can help you identify the root cause of comfort issues with our energy assessment. In many cases, lack of insulation and air sealing is the culprit, not the cooling system or ductwork.

Attic Insulation Can Improve NJ Home Comfort

Because heat rises, the attic, in particular, can become extremely hot in New Jersey homes.
Insulation creates a barrier, helping to keep warm air out of your home throughout the summer and cold air out in the winter. This is especially important in the attic, because the sun heats the roof during the summer, making the attic hot. Lack of attic insulation and air sealing creates uneven home temperatures, making the second floor warmer than the first. Insulating the attic can have a huge impact on home comfort and energy efficiency by keeping outside heat out during the summer for exceptional energy savings.

If homeowners air seal the attic as well, the Allied team can provide both services at the same time. The combination of air sealing and insulation has a synergistic effect, enhancing home comfort and reducing unwanted hot air from entering.

Energy Savings

The Department of Environment reports that proper attic insulation can cut home heating and cooling bills by up to 50%. Allied has helped many homeowners throughout New Jersey cut energy bills by identifying key areas that lack adequate insulation.

Our skilled building analysts pinpoint where your energy dollars are escaping from the home. Basement rim joists, plumbing penetrations, attic knee walls, chimneys, and recessed lighting are all key areas that we inspect, insulate, and air seal as necessary.

From Burlington to Jackson, Egg Harbor, and beyond, many New Jersey homeowners cannot believe how comfortable their homes can be, even during summer heatwaves. Identifying and solving comfort issues helps your cooling equipment to work less, saving energy and wear and tear.

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