A Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

Is there a way to reduce energy consumption

Within the wide spectrum of building operations, every component has its role, but some truly stand out in terms of impact. For this reason, we talked to one of the leading HVAC commercial companies in Cherry Hill and the area, who’ve seen firsthand how these units can gobble up a sizable chunk of a building’s energy costs, sometimes as much as 50% to 60%.

The good news is, if shaving off some numbers from those energy bills is on your mind, starting with your HVAC system is a wise move. Read on to learn how facilities consume energy and how you can make them more energy-efficient!

Is there a way to reduce energy consumption?

If you’re looking for straightforward ways to reduce your energy usage, the tips below might just work for you.

  1. Regular HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC system resembles the heart of a building, continuously pumping to regulate indoor climates. This is why it is imperative to maintain this system on a regular basis. By conducting frequent check-ups, potential issues are identified and resolved early on, preventing bigger problems in the future. A well-maintained HVAC not only ensures optimal performance and reduced energy wastage but also promotes healthier indoor air quality for the occupants.

  1. Proper insulation

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of proper insulation in a commercial setting. Think of it as enveloping your building in a protective shield. During the chilly winter months, insulation acts as a barrier, trapping heat inside and reducing the demand for heating systems. Conversely, in the scorching heat of summer, it effectively keeps external warmth at bay, ensuring air conditioners function with greater efficiency.

  1. Door and window replacement

Now, let’s talk about the gateways in a building: doors and windows. If they’re old or haven’t been installed correctly, they might be letting a lot of energy slip through the cracks. Today’s window models, especially the double or triple-glazed ones, are crafted to keep heat transfer in check, ensuring you stay comfortable while also saving on energy bills. Pair that with well-sealed doors, and you prevent unwanted drafts and heat exchange, further optimizing the building’s energy use.

  1. Increasing natural light

Harnessing the sun’s energy makes sense for two reasons. Businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on artificial lights during the day through the use of natural lighting. Beyond the evident cost-saving aspect, there’s a subtler advantage. Natural light has been consistently linked to improved mood and productivity, making workspaces not only productive, but also enjoyable.

  1. The addition of smart lighting systems

Artificial lighting, however, is becoming more sophisticated. Picture a lighting system that evolves with your needs, detecting presence, or absence, and adjusting accordingly. Such systems, equipped with motion sensors, ensure that lights remain active only when necessary. Additionally, timed controls can be set to power down post-working hours, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

  1. Investing in an HVAC upgrade 

While regular check-ups are beneficial, there comes a time when upgrading is necessary. This industry, much like others, evolves rapidly, with newer models championing energy efficiency. Investing in a modern system, perhaps one with integrated smart controls, can lead to substantial long-term savings.

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Regular HVAC Maintenance to reduce energy consumption

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