How To Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh

One of the biggest factors in keeping a home healthy in places like Ewing and Freehold is the continual maintenance of that home. With life going on, it is easy for us to address any issues when they pop up, and then forget about making sure that we are staying on top of preventing problems from developing again until it is too late. Any of the issues which can plague a New Jersey home, from pests and allergies, up to moisture issues and carbon monoxide leaks, can be prevented by keeping your home up to date with a good maintenance plan. Not only can having excellent maintenance prolong the lifespan of your home and equipment within, but it goes a long way to contributing to a healthy living environment.

Some ways to maintain your South Jersey home and keeping it healthy, safe, and comfortable are:

  • Keep food sealed in an airtight container and avoid leaving anything out for prolonged periods of time.
  • Take out the trash regularly to avoid accumulation that might attract pests
  • Increase the regularity with which you change sheets and pillowcases
  • Clean surfaces regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust.
  • Be aware of things in your home that might need to be replaced.
  • Older windows and siding might leave your home susceptible to other issues developing.
  • Make sure your HVAC systems are serviced regularly each year. Issues with excess moisture, leaks, accumulation of dust in motors, and more can cause your systems to work harder than they need to, and can even prevent them from doing their job effectively. Regular maintenance will help to prolong the lifespan of your systems.
  • Change your air filter regularly.
  • Other appliances in your home should be serviced at scheduled times as well. Your hot water heater, stove, and other appliances can break down over time and even started backdraft dangerous gases into your home, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Make sure your carbon monoxide monitor and smoke detectors are up to the current code and are working properly.
  • Be mindful of other sources of carbon monoxide to avoid allowing unnecessary spillage. Avoid closing the garage door immediately after parking your car inside and wait to store your lawnmower right after turning it off.

Whether it is a home that is two years old or two hundred years old, if they aren’t shown the proper care and attention needed they will not be able to perform as intended for long. The same way your vehicle needs maintenance after every so many miles,  your home needs the same kind of attention. Establishing maintenance and service routines will help establish baselines and improve the overall health of your home for years to come while saving you money all along the way.

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