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Making your South Jersey home more energy-efficient and thermally controlled is typically considered a method to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint. While those benefits are real and important, it is also a key component to making your home healthier as well. Reducing fluctuations in room temperatures allows your family to be comfortable and less stress on your HVAC and filtration systems will leave you with better indoor air quality. The efficiency of your home’s performance impacts everything about the environment your family lives in. Taking some steps to make sure your home is doing its best possible job for you and your family will set you up for success

  • Install a smart thermostat. This will allow you to control the temperature in your house remotely from your phone, run diagnostic tests on the equipment to ensure proper functionality, get notifications when it is time to change your air filter.
  • Have a professional service your equipment annually to ensure it is working properly.
  • When it comes time to purchase new HVAC equipment buy ENERGY STAR models with the best efficiency ratings.
  • Have a professional create an accurate model to ensure your HVAC equipment is sized correctly for your home.
  • Always remember to turn lights off when leaving a room.
  • When light bulbs go out in your house be sure to replace them with LED bulbs. 
  •  Remember to unplug any electronics that aren’t being used. When a phone charger or lamp is plugged in and not being used, they are still drawing electricity. If you don’t think you’ll remember or you just don’t feel like unplugging everything, then buy energy-saving outlets. They are quick and easy to install and can make a real impact on your electricity bill.
  • Replace your old facet and showerheads with new low flow energy-efficient models. They use less water per minute which leads to savings for you. 
  • Properly Insulate AND air seal your house! This is the most beneficial upgrade you can make to your house. Sealing points of infiltration and exfiltration are essential to maintaining thermal control.

While some of these measures are easily accessible to you, many weak points on the thermal boundary of your home are in places that you do not visit often, such as your attic. Additionally, the proper application of some measures is sometimes poorly done, unbeknownst to homeowners. An expert energy assessment can assist you in finding the right solution to bring thermal control to your home.

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