Leaky Furnace? Here’s What To Do

As a caring and invested homeowner, you’re undoubtedly constantly looking around, especially in the winter, to see if anything in your home is going wrong. While there are some issues that affect a home’s performance that can’t be detected by the naked eye, there are several you can easily spot.

One of these problems is a leaking furnace. If you’ve noticed any liquid around your home’s furnace, there are a few things that could be causing it.

Reasons Why Your Furnace is Leaking

There are a variety of underlying problems that could be causing your furnace to leak. The first step to understanding the problem is to identify the root cause and address it directly. The most common causes of furnace leaks include:

  • Condensation Leak: If your furnace is generating a puddle around its base or actively leaking, the most likely cause is a condensation leak. Condensation leaks typically occur in high-performance furnaces when tubing gets worn or blocked up.
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger Issue: A broken secondary heat exchanger in your furnace usually calls for an expensive repair. Depending on your furnace’s age and model, it may sometimes be a better idea to replace the furnace entirely instead of paying for secondary heat exchanger repairs.
  • Malfunctioning Humidifier: A leak can also be caused by a broken humidifier. This tends to be a problem when regular preventative maintenance isn’t performed. The easiest way to prevent this type of leak is to schedule regular furnace maintenance. If you know your furnace hasn’t been serviced in years and it’s leaking, there is a high probability that the root cause is a faulty humidifier. This type of leak can cause serious damage and needs to be addressed as soon as it’s spotted.

Repairing and Preventing Furnace Leaks

Taking action is necessary as soon as you spot any furnace leaks. The professionals at Allied Experts can help identify the root cause of your furnace leak and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Our expert team can also help to prevent leaks from occurring in the first place with regularly scheduled furnace maintenance.

Having the furnace in your New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania home repaired and maintained is easy with help from Allied. We can take care of resolving any leaks and make sure your furnace is running at peak performance. This will help to improve your home comfort while also increasing energy efficiency and helping you save on your home’s energy bills.

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