5 Mistakes to Avoid When Insulating Your Attic

Installing insulation in your attic (or any other part of the home) is an excellent investment for any homeowner. It can dramatically reduce your utility bills while increasing your comfort at the same time. However, attic insulation is also a significant undertaking. 

As such, mistakes are possible, like with any construction project. Still, some mistakes are more common than others. Here’s what not to do if you want your attic insulation contractors in Cherry Hill to do exceptional insulation installation jobs.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Insulating Your Attic

What are some common attic insulation mistakes?

There is a good side to common mistakes. Due to their sheer quantity, it is too easy to learn from them and, therefore, avoid them. In the case of attic insulation, these are:

  • Not preparing your attic for insulation beforehand;
  • Skimping on materials;
  • Using the wrong type of insulation;
  • Not sealing the attic floor;
  • DIY-ing.

Not preparing your attic for insulation

Although a dedicated team won’t take long to install insulation in your attic, it still takes time, and time is something everyone today lacks. Even with this in mind, you should spend some of it preparing your attic for insulation before your contractors arrive.

This activity can include decluttering or a bit of cleaning. However, it can also involve hiring a contractor to do a thorough inspection before you hire them to do the job. This is especially important if you’re insulating an old home or suspect some potentially toxic old insulation in your attic.

What are some common attic insulation mistakes

Skimping on materials

Attic insulation is something that protects your health, home, as well as everything and everyone in it. Furthermore, it should do so for a good 15 to 20 years. Always go for the best insulation materials and the best contractors your budget allows, and you’ll have nothing to worry about for the foreseeable future.

Using the wrong type of insulation

Not all types of insulation are created equal. Some have a better R-value, making them more effective at keeping in heat. Others are much easier to install, which can reduce the cost of labor. Others are more eco-friendly and, thus, healthier.

The mistake here, however, is rushing the decision. Some insulation types will fit your needs better than others, and it is essential to find the exact one. Therefore, before you buy materials, talk to your contractor about which insulation will be best for you.

Not sealing the attic floor

Technically, this also counts as skimping. Nevertheless, this mistake is so common that we had to put it separately. “Sealing” the attic floor refers to closing any gaps or openings in it, requiring more materials and labor and, therefore, more money. So, it is no wonder most people avoid this part. 

However, here’s the thing: leaving your attic floor unsealed makes the insulation only half effective. This means there are fewer savings in the long run, which beats half the insulation purpose. Therefore, don’t make this mistake and go for the complete job. It will cost a bit more, but it will also pay itself off many times over in the long run.


Modern technologies made insulation installation easier than ever. That much is true. However, it is still not something you want to practice your DIY skills on. Remember, this is a long-term investment directly responsible for your well-being. Moreover, small mistakes accumulate to reduce the overall effectiveness of your insulation and can even cause big problems further down the line. So, please don’t risk it. Go for the pros, and you won’t go wrong.

Which attic insulation contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ should I turn to?

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