Plumbing PSA

Since small businesses have been closed, there is a feature to your business that may be overlooked when it comes to reopening. And that is your plumbing. Not running your plumbing throughout this closure could be detrimental to your business and customers! Having your plumbing not run throughout the quarantine period can cause your seals to rot or wear faster.

Not only that but if you haven’t turned your faucets on and off in weeks that water will have been sitting in your pipes for an extended period of time, it wouldn’t be surprising to find increased levels of chemicals such as lead and copper in your water, along with countless bacteria that could’ve grown while it sits in your pipes

Is Your Drain Not Draining?

Our Experts Say… In order to maintain a level of safety, ensure that you are able to make routine visits to your business to check on your appliances and plumbing. While there run your faucets for a few minutes on both hot and cold to ensure you’re removing all standing water in your pipes. A good rule of thumb to know when your pipes have been flushed is when the water coming from the faucet reaches its maximum temperature. 

Make sure you do this with EVERY faucet or hose that you have to remove all standing water and replace it with clean, fresh, water. We also recommend doing this daily when you first arrive in order to clear the water that sits overnight. Doing this will not only save you on repairs down the line but also help the health of you and your customers. 

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