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Preparing Your Home for Winter with Efficient Water Heating

As winter begins to take hold in New Jersey, you need to prepare your home to handle the cold. Although you may be more focused on making sure your boiler or furnace is in working order, maintaining your water heater is also crucial. You probably use more hot water during the winter when you’re turning up the temperature during showers, washing larger loads of laundry with plenty of sweaters and other layers or even having guests stay over.

In order to guarantee you always have hot water and keep your water heating bills reasonable, tuning up your water heater is essential. The team at Allied Energy Efficiency Experts is ready to make sure your home is well prepared for winter and that every shower you, your family or your guests take is warm.

How Does Water Heater Maintenance Help?

Just like a car, in order to run without issues, your water heater needs to be regularly maintained. If you’ve noticed that your water heating bills have increased or that you’re running out of hot water more often, it’s time to have the experts come in.

The specialists at Allied can tune up your water heater or even recommend high-efficiency options, which could help you save more money while always having hot water to meet your high demands.

A water heating tune-up can help you:

  • Avoid unexpected emergency breakdowns by addressing problems early
  • Improve the supply and flow of hot water when it’s being used in multiple locations throughout your home
  • Lower your monthly water heating bills
  • Extend the lifespan of your water heater
  • Reduce the amount of energy needed, reducing your home’s impact on the environment
  • Ensure high indoor air quality by properly venting all combustion gases

Constant Hot Water with Help from Allied

The Allied team can help you ensure your gas, electric or high-efficiency water heater is performing well by providing hot water for you, your family and any potential guests all winter long. We can also help you upgrade an outdated water heater for a new energy-efficient storage tank hot water heater or an on-demand, tankless option.

A new water heater can also qualify you for state rebates and incentives, allowing you to save even more. Allied can help you stay comfortable this winter by working to provide your home with reliable hot water and lower water heating bills.

Contact us to learn more about water heating maintenance and Allied’s hot water heating tune-ups. 

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