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Working with New Jersey Utility Providers, Allied Experts can help you take advantage of the various rebates and incentives available.

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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Allied Experts stands as a reputable company in optimizing energy efficiency for our clients. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is tailored to elevate your living experience while significantly reducing energy expenditures. Through home performance programs in New Jersey, you can achieve savings of over 25% on your energy bills. We will facilitate the process by helping you secure rebates from your utility provider, ensuring your investment in energy-saving home improvements is environmentally conscious and economically rewarding.

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Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency is a simple and rewarding process. Start by scheduling a comprehensive home energy audit with our home performance contractors in New Jersey. Depending on the results, you could qualify for rebates of up to $5,000 based on the selected model and installation details. Additionally, take advantage of our no-interest, on-bill repayment program, specially designed to make financing your energy-efficient upgrades more manageable.

The #1 home performance contractors near you will perform a thorough audit

Our careful approach guarantees a thorough evaluation of your home to ensure peak energy efficiency. This includes a health and safety check, examining carbon monoxide levels, moisture content, and indoor air quality. Our home performance contractors in Cherry Hill and other communities in New Jersey will analyze your concerns such as drafts, temperature imbalances, and overall comfort. In addition, the audit explores air sealing options, insulation levels, and evaluates the efficiency of heating, cooling systems, and hot water systems where applicable.

We’ll deliver a customized energy efficiency report

Within a week of the home energy audit, we’ll provide you with a detailed and customized report. This assessment will outline specific recommendations based on the building analysts findings, offering clear and actionable steps to reduce your energy consumption effectively. By implementing these tailored measures, you’ll gain better control over your energy costs and position yourself to take full advantage of available home performance programs in Cherry Hill and throughout New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a home performance contractor do? 

Such experts conduct comprehensive energy assessments, identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions to enhance overall home performance. The goal of a home performance contractor in New Jersey is to create more energy-efficient homes and healthier living spaces.

How does a home performance contractor help me access rebates? 

These experts play a crucial role in helping homeowners access home performance programs. Through their expertise, they identify energy-saving opportunities during assessments, which may qualify for rebates offered by utility providers. By partnering with Allied Experts, we will help you navigate the rebate application process and maximize your savings on energy-efficient upgrades.

How do I qualify for a home performance program? 

To qualify for rebates, it’s essential to work with certified or accredited home performance contractors in Cherry Hill who are recognized by the relevant program or utility provider. Certifications ensure that the pros meet industry standards and possess the necessary expertise to perform comprehensive energy assessments and apply energy-saving measures.

How do I qualify for rebates through the home energy audit? 

Qualifying for rebates is based on the results of your audit. Depending on the identified energy-saving opportunities, you may be eligible for rebates of up to $5,000. Our home performance contractors will guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize available incentives while making your home more energy-efficient.

What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®? 

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is a comprehensive home performance program designed to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and overall performance of homes in Cherry Hill and beyond. It’s a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The program focuses on providing homeowners with the resources and expertise needed to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Can a home performance contractor help me participate in energy efficiency programs? 

Yes, our New Jersey home performance contractors are well-versed in energy efficiency programs and can guide homeowners through the process. They assist in identifying eligible upgrades, completing necessary paperwork, and ensuring compliance with program requirements. This partnership streamlines the participation process, making it easier for homeowners to take full advantage of available energy efficiency programs.

What does a home performance contractor test in a home? 

Our team conducts a thorough home energy audit, testing for carbon monoxide levels, moisture content, and indoor air quality. They assess overall comfort, identify air leaks, evaluate insulation levels, and analyze heating, cooling, and hot water systems for optimal performance.

Using tools such as blower door tests and thermal imaging, we can pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling homeowners to enhance energy efficiency, overall comfort, and apply for home performance programs.

Who are the leading home performance contractors near me in Cherry Hill & across New Jersey? 

At Allied Experts, we’re your trusted partner on the journey to a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. Our seasoned professionals conduct high-end diagnostic testing and comprehensive energy assessments to pinpoint areas for improvement.

We’ll help you maximize financial incentives for your energy-efficient upgrades. Schedule an appointment with us today and enjoy the benefits of a more sustainable and comfortable living space in Cherry Hill Township or Camden County.