Proper Cooling System Sizing

Did you know that more than half of all heating and cooling systems are not properly installed? One of the most common issues we encounter is improper system sizing. This can have a profound impact on the comfort, energy efficiency, and even the durability of the system for the life of the unit.

A new air conditioning system is a big investment for New Jersey homeowners. Accurate cooling load calculations are the foundation for proper system sizing for new and existing homes alike.

Oversized Cooling Systems

Oversized air conditioning systems often do not extract enough humidity from the home, which ironically makes a house uncomfortably humid in the summer months. Oversized equipment cycles on and off often, creating excessive wear and tear on the system and needlessly shortening the life of the equipment. Cycling on and off also increases energy use, boosting utility bills and negatively affecting comfort with temperature swings.

Undersized Cooling Systems

Undersized air conditioners can not properly cool the home, especially during New Jersey heat waves. The system runs more often than is necessary, shortening the useful life of the system while increasing utility bills.

Accurate Load Calculations

Proper air conditioner sizing is essential for regulating home humidity levels and temperature. At Allied, air conditioner system sizing is based on meticulous load calculations, not guesswork.

The Allied team conducts Manual J load calculations when designing a home cooling system. This type of load calculation is a protocol by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) that allows us to accurately estimate the cooling needs of a home. We examine many aspects of home design and layout, not merely square footage. Our team measures ceilings, floors, walls, and windows as well as examines insulation factors for accurate calculations.

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In the U.S., 50% of all Heating and Cooling systems installed are sized incorrectly.

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