Schedule a Boiler or Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter

Although winter isn’t here yet, it’s right around the corner. With a harsh winter predicted for our area, you need to make sure you, your family and your New Jersey home are ready. The first step to getting your home prepared is scheduling a boiler or furnace tune-up. Since you probably haven’t used it for over half a year, when you turn your heating unit back on and start running it continuously, you may encounter some problems. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can avoid some of these issues and start benefiting today.

Home Safety

Health and safety are undoubtedly your number one priorities when it comes to you and your family. Incomplete combustion from your boiler or furnace can release dangerous carbon monoxide into your home’s air. During a tune-up, we’ll test and inspect your system to ensure no leaks are occurring, allowing you to experience a safe heating season and have peace of mind that you can breathe easy.

Avoid Heating Breakdowns

Unexpected heating unit failures in the middle of the winter can result in having to deal with a cold home while waiting for pricey emergency repairs. Regular heating system maintenance can help you avoid sudden boiler or furnace breakdowns.

Conserve Energy

A boiler or furnace that has been properly maintained will be more energy-efficient. Regardless of if you use natural gas or oil, you’ll end up using less of it this winter and reduce your home’s carbon emissions if you have a heating tune-up.

Save on Your Bills

A more energy-efficient furnace or boiler uses less fuel, not only preserving the environment but also helping to cut your energy bills. Start saving for the holidays or the new year instead of paying through the roof on your utility costs.

Heating Maintenance from Allied Energy Efficiency Experts

The health, safety, and comfort of your family matter to us. Don’t spend the winter and the holidays in a home that isn’t ready to handle the cold. When Allied services your furnace or boiler, we also send out a qualified energy auditor to complete a comprehensive energy assessment of your home. Not only will your heating unit be performing safely and efficiently, but we’ll also help you determine what other improvements you can make to ensure your home is even more comfortable and energy-efficient. We also offer service plans that include helpful reminders about maintaining your HVAC unit throughout the year. These plans also include added savings and benefits.

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