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Allied Experts designs, installs, maintains, and repairs boilers throughout New Jersey.

From Cherry Hill to Hillsborough, Bridgewater, and beyond, boilers are a common way to heat homes throughout New Jersey. Home boilers have gained popularity in recent years because they are typically less expensive to operate than electric baseboard heaters.

Allied Experts designs, installs, maintains, and repairs boilers throughout New Jersey. We have an expansive service area, giving us the experience to handle your home’s unique needs!

How Boilers Work

Most U.S. homes are heated either with a boiler or a furnace. A boiler works by heating water and utilizing either hot water or steam for heating. Boilers provide a constant source of heat without blowing air. They are also relatively simple to install and help improve and maintain home comfort for years.

Energy Efficient Home Heating

Boilers can be an efficient way to heat your New Jersey home. These high-efficiency units can result in much lower energy bills when compared to electric baseboard heating systems, especially with a condensing boiler is installed.

The efficiency of a boiler unit is rated by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the unit. A 90% AFUE, for example, converts 90% of the energy it consumes to heat the home, while 10% escapes up the chimney or elsewhere. Allied installs a variety of new boilers (including many energy efficient models) and can maintain your boiler to help reduce energy use.

Properly Sizing HVAC Equipment For Your New Jersey Home

Many contractors incorrectly size home boilers. When heating systems are oversized, the equipment costs more, it wastes energy, and the life of the unit is shorter. Meanwhile, undersized systems may not be able to keep your home warm throughout the winter, causing temperature differences,  and may cause excessive wear and tear on the system. Allied is diligent to accurately size all home heating systems that we install for exceptional comfort, reliability, energy savings, and system longevity.

Allied technicians performs “Manual J load calculations” on every new furnace and boiler installation to accurately size your equipment. We use home measurements and data to determine the heating needs of your home, and never guesswork.

NJ Incentives Can Help!

New Jersey homeowners may qualify for ENERGY STAR® rebates when installing a new boiler. For your convenience, Allied makes it simple and easy to take advantage of these cash rebates, including preparing the necessary paperwork and permits. We are happy to guide you through the application process.

Want to learn more about the advantages of a new boiler? Call Allied today to learn more!

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