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Crawl Space Air Sealing

We have the tools and experience to encapsulate your crawl space and help improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

A number of comfort and energy problems are caused by inadequate or incorrect crawl space insulation. Many crawl spaces can be wet and damp allowing moisture to build up quickly. Problems in your crawl space can go unnoticed as many people typically think that it is not the source of the issue. Crawl spaces can be a major source of home energy loss.

Signs That Your Crawl Space Is Not Insulated

  • Cold floors above your crawl space
  • Pets or animals inside your home
  • High utility bills
  • Drafty windows or doors

Why should you seal off your crawl space?

Crawl spaces that are not sealed off will allow outside elements such as moisture, temperature, and animals a way to get inside your home. If you stand barefoot in your home over your crawl space you can notice the temperature difference. Rodents, insects, and moisture can use cracks to infiltrate your home and cause damage. Encapsulating your crawl space will help make your home more energy-efficient and lower your utility bills.

What is involved with crawl space encapsulation

All the cracks and crevices throughout your crawl space will be sealed. This is to prevent further pest, and air infiltration. Since crawl spaces can be moisture ridden, the insulation must be able to hold up in these conditions thus before we insulate we have to create a vapor barrier, which is an impermeable material we place in your crawl space to prevent items from becoming damp or wet. Lastly, we install more insulation to ensure your crawl space is not affected by outside temperatures.

This Process Achieves Multiple Critical Points

  • Preventing rodents and insects from infestation
  • Saving on your energy bills
  • Keeping your home comfortable
  • Protects your home from moisture

Why Choose Allied?

For over a decade Allied Experts has been a leader of Home Performance not only in New Jersey, but across the entire country. Our in-depth energy assessments performed by our experienced professionals allow us to detect all sources of air leaks that your home may have. We look for the source of the problem, design a plan that works for you, and then fix the issue to prevent it from recurring. We have the tools and experience to encapsulate your crawl space and help improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

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