Expert Assessment

Allied Expert’s Home Energy Assessment is the first step in assessing how your home consumes energy and identifying energy-saving solutions.

In our temperate New Jersey climate, many homeowners spend thousands each year on heating and cooling bills. Our Expert Assessment identifies where your home is wasting energy, needlessly causing high utility bills and negatively affecting home comfort. The goal of our expert assessment is to pinpoint opportunities to increase comfort, home durability, and indoor air quality, all while saving you money on your energy bills.

Why is an Expert Assessment Important?

Our Expert Assessment is the first step in assessing how your home consumes energy and identifying energy-saving solutions. An audit will reveal home performance issues that, when corrected, can save you significant amounts of money over time. In many cases, these performance issues are unknown to homeowners, yet they have a big impact on energy bills and home comfort.

Getting to the Root of Your Home Efficiency Issues

Many Allied Experts customers say they found their Expert Assessment to be especially helpful in identifying the root cause of their common problems such as drafty rooms, temperature differences, and constantly running HVAC systems. While many other companies take a one-size-fits-all approach, we take pride in customizing energy-saving solutions after a complete Expert Assessment based on each customers home and their specific needs.

This thoroughness allows us to deliver a much higher level of customer service based on truly understanding your home and how it consumes energy. We are happy to educate homeowners about our findings so they can make informed and confident decisions!

How Does Our Expert Assessment Work?

Our experts are trained in how to conduct a thorough assessment of your home (including the attic, crawlspace or basement, and mechanical systems). We do the dirty work to identify energy leaks and inefficiencies, getting to the root of home performance issues. Our team also conducts a comprehensive health and safety evaluation as part of the assessment. If at any point they find a health or safety issue they will inform you and recommend your next steps. Once complete, we produce a written report in approximately 7 to 10 days that prioritizes the most important energy-conserving and health-boosting solutions for your home.

 Our goals are to:

  • Boost quality of life with cleaner, safer, healthier indoor air
  • Facilitate more even home temperatures
  • Achieve more affordable energy bills

There are incentives available to New Jersey  homeowners to reduce the cost of our energy saving services. We have performed jobs in over 130 municipalities across our service area — we’ll make it easy to secure cash rebates and handle the process for you.

South Jersey Gas Exclusive

Thanks to our exclusive partnership we are proud to offer South Jersey Gas Customers this assessment for just $49. Check out our South Jersey Gas page here to find out more!

Want to understand where your home wastes energy? Contact us today to schedule an Expert Assessment today!