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Mechanical Ventilation

With an expansive footprint covering Cherry Hill, Williamstown, Howell, and beyond, we work to find a mechanical ventilation solution for homes using a variety of clean air tools.

Having safe indoor air quality is essential for everyone. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, that air should be safe and good for us to breathe. Indoor Air Quality is one of the top five environmental health risks as per the EPA.

There are numerous ways New Jersey homeowners can promote healthy indoor air. Most of the air quality strategies fall in two categories:

  • preventing pollutants at the source
  • diluting or removing them with mechanical ventilation.

Allied Experts is skilled in addressing indoor air quality issues and promoting comfort and safety for many years. With an expansive footprint covering Cherry Hill, Williamstown, Howell, and beyond, we work to find a mechanical ventilation solution for homes using a variety of clean air tools.

Filtration and Electronic Air Cleaning Systems

Allied technicians can install filtration systems and electronic air cleaners that remove airborne pollutants from your home. We can design a whole-house solution that boosts the air quality throughout your home and works in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling system for greater home comfort.

Humidification Systems

When indoor air in your home is too dry, comfort and health can suffer. Allied offers solutions that work with your existing HVAC equipment to ensure proper winter humidity levels throughout the home.

Dehumidification Systems

Moisture levels in the basement or throughout the home during the summer can negatively affect home comfort, indoor air quality, and even home durability. Dampness encourages mold growth, which can cause health problems for occupants as well as damage to the home. The Allied team designs and installs dehumidification systems that keep your home within ideal humidity levels.

Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (ERVs)

The most effective mechanical ventilation systems supply fresh air and exhaust stale air from the home. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) also recycle heat from the exhaust air, keeping heating bills down. These controlled home ventilation units can ventilate one area of the home or the entire home, keeping indoor air fresh throughout the year.

HVAC LED Blue Lights

Mold growth in HVAC systems can be problematic, especially for people with respiratory ailments. Allied can install UV lights inside the air handler on the air conditioning system that remain on 24 hours a day. This prevents mold growth inside the air handler and improves air quality in the home.

Are you ready to improve your home’s air quality with mechanical ventilation systems? Contact Allied Experts today to get started!

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