Water Heating

Our skilled team works with you to properly size your water heater, ensuring your needs are met for years to come.

Typically located in the basement or tucked away in a mechanical closet, water heaters largely go unnoticed until there is a problem. An unexpected disruption in hot water typically brings about a new appreciation for the water heater!

Allied Experts can customize a water heating solution for your home that meets your hot water needs and reduces energy use. Our skilled team works with you to properly size your water heater, ensuring your needs are met for years to come. To save energy, we will ensure that your hot water system is properly sized and insulated. Contact us to learn more about water heater maintenance and Allied’s water heater tune-ups.

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We install and maintain a wide variety of systems, including:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • High-efficiency water heaters

Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters

These units are the most widely used type of residential hot water heaters in New Jersey. Storage tank hot water heaters contain an insulated tank that stores hot water until it is needed throughout the home. The storage capacity and recovery rate for hot water heaters vary by the size of the storage tank and the rate at which the water can be heated. Storage tank water heaters are often recommended for families that simultaneously use hot water at two or more places in the home.

Tankless or On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

As the name indicates, these hot water heaters have no hot water storage tank, and instead heat water only when it is needed. This saves energy by not heating the water when it is being stored. Tankless hot water heaters vary in design and water-heating capability, supplying water to one plumbing fixture or an entire home. Our New Jersey customers enjoy the additional room that is freed up by switching to a tankless hot water heater, as these units are much smaller than traditional ones.

Promote Indoor Air Quality With The Right Water Heater

Atmospheric hot water heaters are found in many homes throughout New Jersey. During our home energy assessments, Allied technicians often find that these hot water heaters are not properly venting combustion gases, causing fumes to spill out into the home.

Common indicators of this issue include melted plastic or rust on the top of the hot water heater. Unfortunately, many New Jersey homeowners are unaware of this issue and the indoor air quality issue it creates. We inspect hot water heaters during our home energy assessment and can determine if your unit is causing unsafe conditions in your home.

Allied: A Trusted Name Throughout New Jersey

With more hot water heater options available than ever before, the Allied team is happy to educate homeowners about different types of systems so they can make an informed decision. We are diligent to determine the total household water use to ensure proper sizing and system performance for many years.

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