Summer’s Almost Here – Here’s How to Make Sure Your Home Stays Cool When the Heat Hits

Temperatures here in New Jersey are steadily rising, which means that high heat and humidity are only a few short weeks away. You might be preparing with renewing your pool membership and testing out the barbecue. With all the time you’ll want to spend outside soaking up vitamin D, you probably haven’t given much thought to how the inside of your house will soon feel.

Many homeowners throughout New Jersey realize that their homes are virtually unbearable over the summer. They might feel all right for a short time each day, but otherwise they’re still hot and sticky. So what can you do to make sure your home is ready for the heat?

HVAC Isn’t the Only Factor in Staying Cool this Summer

When preparing for summer, some homeowners remember the importance of air conditioning maintenance. While vital, your air conditioner isn’t the only factor influencing your comfort during the summer. Something that many people often forget about is the home’s unseen air sealing and insulation.

Insulation & Air Sealing for Hot Weather

Air sealing and insulation play a key role in comfort, whether it’s hot or cold outside. While you might experience the need for insulation on a daily basis during the winter by making sure you’re wearing a warm, puffy coat, it’s easier to forget about in the summer. However, when you think about it, you likely use a cooler when you head to the shore, and anyone who’s ever had to drink a warm beverage knows the importance of a well-insulated cooler.

Your home requires insulation to provide heat resistance. During the winter this means keeping the heat inside, while during the summer it involves keeping the heat from the outdoors from making its way in. An additional element to making insulation effective is air sealing. Since small gaps and cracks in your home can allow air to easily pass through, by sealing these gaps hot air can’t travel in and out.

Both air sealing and insulation help to keep you comfortable. So with additional air sealing and insulation, you’ll stay cooler at home during the summer. Since the temperature in your home will be naturally lower, you won’t have to use the air conditioner as much, helping you save on your summer electricity bills.

Let Allied Prepare Your NJ Home for Summer

While our expert team can help get your air conditioner ready for the heat, we can address your home’s long-term comfort issues with home weatherization. Make sure you’re ready to handle the summer!

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